Saturday, May 14, 2011 Dotimer?

Hi guys, another day for exciting Addon review this week, As a shadow priest and being an addon junkie, I always try out some addons that will help my priest in game especially when I raid. This week I will review about Dotimer, this is an in-game mod, pretty standard and popular for all shadow priests and even other classes out there, but for some players it's just an optional mod that's okay too but to know more about it I will go ahead and explain it to detail how it works, I thank you Asheyla for making this addon, It really helps a lot of us having this mod and guys this is also ready and updated for Patch 4.1 so try it now. 

What is Dotimer?
"It is a comprehensive suite for managing various things that need timing. These includes your Dots/Hots, your cooldowns, buffs/debuffs on you."
How does it work?
Dotimer accomplishes the task by breaking into sub-addons: Dotimer, Cooldowns, and PlayerAuras, respectively. A fourth sub-addons, Notifications, is also included. All four can be enabled/disabled and costumized seperately. The reason for including all of these together in one addon is for interoperability. You can costumize the timers to an extreme extent.

It is really simple to use, its functionality also fit with the timers in three categories, Standard, No Target, and Party buffs. Standard timers are timers on specific mobs. No target timers are timers that can affect multiple mobs at once or none at all, like Howl of terror. Party buffs are buffs cast on the party; you can set it up so that they get combined into a single timer so that tracking them is much easier (and less spammy onscreen). To know more about Dotimer please visit here.

In my opinion
The mod itself is very helpful for shadow priests or any class in game because we often try to keep track our debuffs, dots, and even hots on top of our interface. So avoiding looking up, having these set up maybe just below your interface beside your cast bar or top of your spell bar even eye level to where you can see it easily makes a big difference. If you don't have some kind of notification besides using Power Auras, I suggest this mod for good use not only does it give you that functionality of having timers but also helps your damage output, because honestly as a caster dps, I don't think there is an excuse to miss using your dot's and not keeping an eye of it, This is one way of  keeping track of that.

If you don't have this mod yet, I suggest you guys to try it out and Download it here. Some players may have other options similar to this in game mod that's okay too. my point of showing this review is just not to ignore your timers because it plays an important role of playing your class better. Have a good one guys!


  1. I use ForteXorcist for my dot timer. I think it was setup originally for warlocks but it works for all classes. This one does look interesting though. I might check it out some time.

  2. @Mister K

    Heya K, Thanks for dropping by Yes I did used ForteXorcist before, but forte has a lot of configuration that not everyone understands. Dotimer is easier costumization and its good for all classes. I just used it recently and it helps a lot. =D


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