Monday, May 23, 2011

Poll Question Review: 4.2 WoW Hair styles

Hi guys, I apologized for missed day of posting this review yesterday due of me being sick after long day of helping out my friend throwing out a 1st birthday party for her son. So I will just going to tallied the votes of the Poll Question started Last week May 15 and it was about the 4.2 New Hair styles in World of Warcraft, I asked what other players think of it.


Great Hair Styles - There is only 1 vote (12%) of this since the poll started, looks like this person is contented of what Blizzard has made of the Hair styles so far, that is his/her choice. I mean it looks great but in my opinion needs more hair style for all race.

Need more styles, IMO - Obviously, most of the votes are in this category 7 people (87%). Need more hair styles is what most people are requesting of, 2-4 hair styles is not quiet enough. I suggest having at least more than that like maybe 6-10 Hair styles in each race. So far I only see it coming from Trolls, Orcs, Night elves, Gnomes, Dwarfs I was looking forward for Humans, Taurens, Blood elves, Worgen, and other races in game. 

Don't Like the Hair styles at all - Glad no one voted in this category, so far the hair styles are great but just need more hair styles and it should be fine. So I am looking forward for more option of hair styles in Patch 4.2!


It has been discuss all over WoW community about the Real ID Cross server idea and making it Premium? , I am curios what other people think about this. Do you Agree with it or not? reply here for your opinion if you can, In my opinion I don't  agree with it just because we already been paying enough for our subscription every month, Blizzard is already making a lot of money through other stuff like a $25.00 character transfers, vanity pets, even selling some other stuff. 

Paying premium is just bad business period. I don't want to pay additional payments just to play with my friends online and in game. Probably Blizzard think of this option because they had lost a few subscribers but penalizing for those who are still playing with other sevices for me its just silly. Anyway, Please vote simply if you agree with it or not. Thanks!

I Agree - Pay To Raid with Friends
I Disagree - Hell no Im not paying for any of that!

Thanks for reading todays (technically yesterday's review Sunday). Please start your votes in the new Poll question this week about the Premium Services. It is located under the Featured Video of the Week. Thanks guys and Have a good one! =D


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