Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy 3 years of Blogging Amer!

I can't believed it! that It's been that long, 3 years?! O.M.G! haha...Days passed, and Years gone by Amerence Love WoW was just a tiny little blog who doesn't even know anyone in the community and doesn't know anything about blogging yet, But I survived! It's been 3 years since my very first post to Welcome the community to check out my blog.

I started this blog talking mainly about my priest and my raiding experiences but as I grew around the community, I started joining community events and decided that this blog will be an outlet for that and the game itself so i focused this blog more for the community rather than just me talking about my Priest in game instead I made a new blog over at AmerPriest Blog for more focused topic on characters adventures blog.

Community events help me promote my blogging and established my name out there so others will learn more about my blog site, I started by commenting other bloggers and especially joining Blog Azeroth Forums and the Shared Topic Ideas each week. The other bloggers inspired me in so many ways and that I enjoyed there fine writings and really amuses me how great bloggers they are. But the main thing I really learned about blogging is that your writing is your own voice to share to others, there will never be right or wrong topics and definitely just having fun and readers will appreciate and support your work anytime.

After a year or so I was happy that I was also chosen to participate and offered to be one of the moderators of Blog Azeroth Forums. Since I was so actively joining the shared topic ideas I was more pumped to even bring my thoughts and ideas to the community and I am thankful to be part of this and till this day Dragonray and I still trying to keep Blog Azeroth alive! So for those that are new to blogging this forums are a great way to join in too so please check it out! 

The highlight of my blogging career and talking about the game I played was the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2011 with so many participants and judges who helped me. Till this day, I go back and read each and everyone's kind words and there thankful post that sometimes does makes me cry. I've been so much crap in Real world that sometimes I can't compare how much i love my online game and friends around the blogosphere. I really enjoy reading and getting acquainted with each and everyone of you. I admit that I have more friends online than in real world. It's is sad but at the same time I am able to get to know you too as a person so its still a win win situation.

I really love your comments, your simple thoughts and ideas when you visit my blogs, your participation in Blog Azeroth community events and recently updated Bi-weekly Shared topic ideas, I thank you for all that from the bottom of my heart. This post is going to be a really long one if I don't stop here now lol and So I just thought to personally thank you guys again and that each day I will try my best to still entertain you with my random thoughts they may not be as perfect and that I am not a professional writer but I am still thankful till this day that Im still here to blog about the game and the community events. 

I am actively posting topics more on AmerPriest Blog so please check me out there. And also Don't forget to Like my Facebook, and Twitter. Add me in Google+ too. Since this is a community blog now, I encourage bloggers out there to join social medias to interact live with other bloggers as well it does help getting to know who you are following and the bloggers or non-bloggers but plays the game will know you too.

And Before I forget I like to thank Blizzard and World of Warcraft as well for providing me a pass time game to play with and things to talk about online or offline. Please keep up the good work guys! and I will look forward to what I will do in the next few years to come with the game and my blogging. Anyway, my hands and eyes are getting tired now its 3:25am and so have a good morning/good evening/good afternoon everyone, as always enjoy blogging and gaming and Thanks for dropping by! I love you all! <3

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shared Topic Idea: Timeless Isle

Hi folks! Just to let everyone know that our Blog Azeroth Shared Topic Ideas are now bi-weekly, so for those who still like to join this 2 weeks of fun topic, Timeless isle brought to you by yourstruly deadline is on April 12. Please join us and share your thoughts!

As for my reply to this topic, I posted it on my other blog at AmerPriest Blog, I ttitled it "The Timeless Isle" So please visit my other blog as well, you are free to comment and subscribe! thank you so much!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#WoW30 Challenge for April 2014!

Well, Greetings adventurers! I just thought to share that there is another 30 days challenge going on around the community. I like to share that anyone can join the fun. This was originally posted at Tumblr by Meat Vendor's 30 days WoW Challenge a month ago. And anyone who did read this or saw it will be nice to share it to the community and its a really neat straight forward idea. The hashtag for Twitter as well is #WoW30 to acknowledge that. 

Month of April fits just about right since it only has 30days. So are you ready for another challenge folks? Starting today! C'mon and join us! Below are the categories for each day. Feel free to share and post the picture below for your reference, as for me I will be posting my response at my other blog at AmerPriest Blog, Please feel free to drop by there and share your thoughts as well. Thank you and Looking forward to read your response! Happy gaming! <3