Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#WoW30 Challenge for April 2014!

Well, Greetings adventurers! I just thought to share that there is another 30 days challenge going on around the community. I like to share that anyone can join the fun. This was originally posted at Tumblr by Meat Vendor's 30 days WoW Challenge a month ago. And anyone who did read this or saw it will be nice to share it to the community and its a really neat straight forward idea. The hashtag for Twitter as well is #WoW30 to acknowledge that. 

Month of April fits just about right since it only has 30days. So are you ready for another challenge folks? Starting today! C'mon and join us! Below are the categories for each day. Feel free to share and post the picture below for your reference, as for me I will be posting my response at my other blog at AmerPriest Blog, Please feel free to drop by there and share your thoughts as well. Thank you and Looking forward to read your response! Happy gaming! <3


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