About Me

 Hi guys, Welcome to Amerence Love WoW, this blog is focused about World of Warcraft Shared Topic Ideas and participated WoW Community Events. I just thought to let you know that this blog is still active It was just updated to what I really focus on this blog and Please feel free to use it as your reference of the Shared topics and events I joined. I am currently one of the active Moderator of Blog Azeroth so If you guys want to check out the community forums it's a great way to visit and join the fun. My Priest name has also updated the name to AmerPriest when I recently transferred in Staghelm server, besides that is more focus about my adventures with my priest, my raiding experience and many other thoughts, ramblings and musings. Hope you also follow me there and I thank you for your continued support!

Besides blogging and gaming I am a full time Healthcare Provider and a undergraduate Biology student. I am still looking forward to finish Nursing. But after moving from state to state I can't really decide right now where to settle but I am much more focus at work. I also got to experienced working as a Office Manager at a construction company and I love my job there as well. Anyway, I am looking forward to read all your posts in joining the community events around the World of Warcraft Blogging community. Please join us and have fun. God Bless always, you can reach me here, private message or at my twitter @amerencegamer Thank you so much and don't forget to subscribe to get my latest updates. Mwah! Love you all.