Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2013

Hi guys, How's it going? Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It's been a year since we did our Thanksgiving event last year. This year its open again for every bloggers out there to participate. Old or New comers are welcome to join the fun. As usual I will be hosting this event together with Blog Azeroth Forums. Based to our previous events since I started it back in 2011 it will be same concept on how you want to thank your fellow bloggers. Though no more prizes to be given and there is no limit to creativity. 

I will just make this post short and just please refer to previous years of Thanksgiving event for ideas on how to join, later after the event I will be posting all your posts via link to my blog and in Blog Azeorth forums so it will be an easy access to who participates. I am looking forward to read your Thank you posts. Please use the logo to post in your side widget in your blog linking directly to this post and I will also post this as a shared topic for the week till Thanksgiving day. 

Please when you post and participate to this event, Do not forget to link your hosts as well and those bloggers who you are thankful for this year. Let me say it first "Thank you" again for joining, participating or even just reading with us. Have a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, anywhere around the world. Love you all! Gobble gobble!

Please read there Thank you post from the ff;
- Trading Post
- Amateur Azerothorian
- The Daily Frostwolf
- Harpy's Nest Blog

Please refer to the Links provided:
@Amerpriest - Twitter
@Blogazeroth - Twitter
Hashtag #BAgivethanks13