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Hi guys, I thought to share this page for everyone to look up to of what's going on around the community lately, having my fellow bloggers old or new and  getting everyone involved is always a great way of knowing each one of you. I thank you for all the support that you had given me since I started blogging back in October of 2008 from my old blog (Christine's blog) up until my new blog Amerence Love WoW started since April of this year. I can't thank every body enough. So below I will post the recent events that's been going on in the community this year. Hope this will also help you browse the links easier from my blog. Thank you guys! and I hope you have great day! =)

Another year for Furtive Father Winter 2013 event hosted by Akabeko from Red Cow Rise blog. and Blog Azeroth forums. as expected this event been around for more than 5yrs so a lot of the bloggers are more familiar with this event and the creativity matches the theme for the holidays. So refer the link above for more information and to read the participants entry, You won't regret joining in if you want to join in next year for this event.

Hi guys, another year of Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving event 2013, this year was a little disappointing because of only few people participated, though its better than nothing probably just got busy with a lot of stuff as some people didn't really have the time. and not all bloggers celebrate thanksgiving. but my purpose for this event is to thanks all bloggers new or old. there experiences in game to come together as a community, it's okay though. Anyway, List of links provided in links here. so feel free to read the creativity side and thank you posts of my fellow bloggers this year.

Another year for the Furtive Father Winter 2012 event hosted by Akabeko from Red Cow Rise Blog.. and sponsored by Blog Azeroth.. basically aka will choose a secret santa for us and later in the week of Christmas he will send us who the gift for its really simple event and its fun, it is also way of getting to know the person or blogger your giving the gift to. So Thanks again for hosting this event this year 2012 Aka. Keep up the good work!

Another year to do the #IntPiPoMo 2012 a 50 screenshots to showcase by the end of November, This event was hosted by Angelya or Revive & Rejuvinate Blog. This is another year to celebrate the IntPiPoMo for the month of November this year and I am glad to be joining again this year. I do hope ill be able to catch up. Anyway, Please click the image to know who else participated for this event and take a lot of those wonderful screenshots other bloggers has to say. It is very inspiring, a delight and it has taking back the good all memories, and looking forward to see the new content as well. So, if you want to join you can still catch up! Have fun guys!

Last year's Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2011 was such a great success and this year 2012 I am hosting it together with Blog Azeroth again. Despite not having to give out prizes I am hoping that there are still participants who would like to expand there thanks to there fellow bloggers out there, new or old. Please for those who will just participate this year visit Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2012 Event details, or here at my blog for more information. If you have any questions please reach us via private message in BA forums, @amerpriest or @blogazeroth via twitter and hashtag will be #BAgivethanks12. or simply reply in any posts. Also please don't forget to post the logo for this year's event for support. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to read all your creative work, stories, poems, videos and more. Have a good one!

A great way to spend your Holidays with us Akabeko from Red Cow Rise was glady helping out and hosting this year's Furtive Father Winter Gift (A Blog Azeroth Event Special). So If you guys want to join please click the logo located at the bottom of my blog, or click the links provided here also you can go to Blog Azeroth Thread to sign up as well, Anyone can join as long as you have a valid Email Address. So what are you waiting for come and join the fun! also here is the hashtag for twitter if you do want to mention and help promote the event! #ffw (My Gift was sent to Thespius of Healer by Nature! Check it out!)

Blog Azeroth celebrates the year of Thanksgiving 2011 this month from the 19th-26th of November . Hosted by yours truly. I also sponsored this event by giving out some great prizes, a way of saying my thanks to everyone who participated and it's like an early Christmas gift from me to you and I also like to thank the judges who made this event possible. I am so surprised how many new or old bloggers participated this event. I can't thank you guys enough! I hope you had fun joining the event and sharing your creativity and thoughts of this year's Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving event!

Besides having to celebrate the month of thanksgiving, We also have another great event hosted by Angelya of Revive and Rejuvinate is The International Picture Posting Month, that everyone has a chance to show case there screen shots and challenge our selves to post 50 images before the month of November is over. I started halfway for this event, but I think I can do it! I always love taking screen shots in game it always brings us back to all the places we've been through since we started leveling up, raiding, running dungeons, and just about anything. Anyway, If you happen to see this avatar, around the community lately, go ahead and check the wonderful and colorful screen shots around the blogosphere.

Another year and month of great support from all fellow bloggers around the community, is The White Ribbon Campaign, showing your support to fight against any violence towards any women in the world, What brings this event even closer to us is that one of our fellow blogger The Gold Queen, Alyzande had suffered from this serious issues in real life. To read more about what I posted recently in my blog this month is showing that I respect her and I support her 100+%! So if you see the symbol of White Ribbon around the community is a great way to show your support to the campaign and Miss Alyzande and To all women around the world. White Ribbon Campaign, is an organization encouraging boys and men to stop violence against women.

As always in Blog Azeroth community, We also like to invite everyone to join our weekly events including Shared Topic Ideas and especially the BA circle Hosted by Edenvale of The Gamer's Fridge. If you like your blog to be discovered, and gain commenters and be featured weekly, this is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas and also to get involved, So please hop in Blog Azeroth WoW Community forums to read more! We are always here to help whatever we can to answer questions, and support one another.

More upcoming events coming soon!