Sunday, January 26, 2014

Shared topic: Mog the World in 80 days!

Hi guys, just thought to share this new interesting idea by Dragonray over at Azerothian Life.  also hosted by Blog Azeroth forums. Its all about transmogrification..and the title of this topic is
"Mog the World in 80 days! - "It is a celebration of independence!! Freedom even!!  For the next 12 weeks you will celebrate the National days of countries by transmogging an outfit which matches their flag colours!" -dragon
For details and overview of the event please click here. By the end of the event I believed every entry will be judge and could win some great prizes, So hurry and join in the fun! and you could be one of the lucky winners.
As much as I wanted to join in, Im very unfortunate that my in game client still cant download So no go for me, but im trying to fix it. Anyway, Please if you haven't already figured it out head over the links provided, and start transmogging! =)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Random Thoughts on Anime related to MMORPG

Hi guys, How' it going? I just thought to share what I've been up to lately which one of them was watching an anime during my past time. I love watching them, there's always a story and things I can learn from it which I always related to in playing World of Warcraft. I enjoy reading the manga novels as well. For all those who don't understand some of the terms i used here please read below;

  • Anime - Based on wikipedia, It's a japanese animated production usually featuring a hand-drawn or computer animation. The word is the abbreviated pronounciation of "animation in Japanese. where this term references all animation. Read more via link provided to learn more.
  • Manga - Based on wikipedia, are comics created in Japan or by Japanese creators in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century. They have a long and conplex pre-history in earlier Japanese art. Read more via link provided to learn more.

Anyway, to start of I recently been watching LOG HORIZON "The story begins when 30, 000 Japanese gamers are trapped in the fantasy online game world Elder tale. What was once a sword-and sorcery world is not the real world. The main lead Shiroe attempts to survive with his old friend Naotsugu and the beautiful assassin Akatsuki."

In my opinion it actually scared and hit me, what if my whole life playing the game becomes in reality? Have you guys thought about it? or even just dreamed about it, that your main character becomes YOU in game. pretty much this is what the anime story is all about, Log Horizon is an on going series and I can't wait to watch the next episode. 

I love the main character here Shiroe, the strategist as they call him and a "Villian in glasses" also a half-alv, half-human character, he is also known as an archmage, a very powerful sorcerer as well. I also love his friends in this anime, especially the assassin really reminds me back when I was playing Ragnarok Online and one of my characters was an assassin like her. 

As the story goes on in every episode of this anime, I learned a lot from Shiroe and a lot of beginners as they call them "adventurers" in game it is important that we really have to learn our skills and spells in game, how we use them, why and what? example: As my main character is Priest which skills and spells do i use when we are in a party which is way more effective so it won't drain out my Mana points. things like this is pretty much also describe in this anime I was watching. 

I recommend you guys to watch the episodes it is really nice I follow and watch it via, I also recommend watching "Fairy Tail" its awesome series you can definitely learn a lot from this anime as well. though it is just a fantasy but so as playing the game, Still you learn a lot from it. there's team work being in just a group party and so as community efforts like having a guild and realized that those who stick with you and support your ideas really makes it worth having each other through ups and downs, friendships grows and alliance. 

There's actually more to it in each episode I don't want to post everything i know "spoiler alert" but instead take time maybe once you watch it share your views of what you think about the anime? Ill be glad to discuss and share my views as well with you guys. Thanks again for dropping by though this are just one of those random thoughts I share in my blog. but thought I entertained you and learned something from it. Have a blessed day!. Every now and then I will share some thoughts like this in my blog again. Don't forget to subscribe my blog! Thank you! =)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shared Topic: My Mountable Mounts

Hi guys, another week of shared topic idea brought to you by Blog azeroth Forums and Dragonray of Azerothian Life. Dragon surely brought a really fun topic this week for WoW bloggers out there to share there views on there favorites mounts in game. From grinding, collectibles, reputation mounts you name it. Since Burning crusade expansion pretty sure we have collected a lot and enjoy it very well especially now that mounts available are not only for 1 character in game but Bind on account depending on reputation points and achievement points. 

Anyway, Dragon asks us: One of the things I have noticed since my return is the huge amount of mounts available now through rep gains. I am still working on a couple, but it has made me wonder which mounts you guys are loving or hating :)
So what are your top 5 mounts - or just the ones you go to all the time because you like the way they ride? What are the ones you really dislike and can never bring yourself to use - does it rub against your collecting nature (if you have one) to buy all the mounts even though you know you will never use them?

So, My top 5 mounts are the following; I lost all my screenshots in game and have not captured all of them with my characters. but instead I am using Warcraft Mounts Gallery site. I was able to use and choose the mounts I loved to show them to you easily. 

My Very top Mount I loved since the beginning was the Kitty mount! who won't love the kitty mount? right! though I was a human, first mount we can grind was to get a pony but that didn't stop me so I grind my reputation to venture myself to the night elves realm including the Winterspring, I quest myself throughout the map. And finally I was so happy to get my kitty mount which was the Winterspring Frostbear, and then from any kitty mount i can get out of reputation i grind it. I just love the feeling that when you put effort to getting what you want and rewarded in the end such a great joy and enjoyed playing the game even more.

My Second best mount I love in game was during Icecrown raids... who won't love a dragon skeleton lol Anyway, the ice fire and all just makes look more terrifying.. well kinda but i love the color and its nice to acquire it during raids and gotten the achievement with guild sure was a great guild team effort for everyone to accomplish.

My Third best mount I love was the guild Lion Alliance Mount, it took me a while to acquire this because I've been switching to different realms and changed guilds and without the reputation with guild to exalted you can't acquire the mount then, but now for sure its so easy to get. but i still love this mount one of the best... i actually wish though it could fly too! but hey correct me if im wrong its been a while i forgot if i could really fly with it or not... but i doubt it still haha!

My fourth best mount I was able to acquire was the Tyrael's mount, I just love this mouth because of its wings, transparent, rainbow glow just mysterious to me and i admire it. its a reward for getting the Blizzard Annual pass. so it didn't became rare at all but its something that most players would like to have as well. besides this mount I include celestial steed and Winged Guardian in this fourth spot as well.

My fifth best mount I love was Heart of the aspects, who would not be in love with yellow golden dragon mount and can easily be bought in blizzard store of course I was not the only one who fell for it. I love this mount, pretty much anything that's a dragon mount, kitty, steed, glowy and skeleton mounts i love. so far I really don't have regrets having all of them from all of the mounts i have with each of my characters I know i can take long day to just post and talk about each of them since dragon asked only top 5 so there you go!

In conclusion, having all the mounts I collected I never regret having them, I use them when I want to, how I want to. I treat them like they are bind pets that I treasure in game like a best friend, not only help you transport from one area to another faster but you learn to know how to be patience and put effort in acquiring them and its a best feeling afterwards with all the hard work you've done especially grinding reputation and battles you fought with your guild mates or by yourself to acquire such collectible mounts. Hope you enjoyed this topic as much as I did. If you haven't still post your share on this idea. please visit links above for more information or visit blog azeroth forums. Thank you again for joining me this week. Have a great day!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shared Topic: Oaths

Hi Everyone, its been a while I have not post a shared topic for Blog azeroth since October of 2012, so pretty much its been more than a year. Anyway, this new shared topic idea was a great contribution by Mataoka of Sugar and Blood blog this shared topic started Jan 4, 2014 - January 10, 2014 if you haven't joined yet please visit and refer his topic through Blog Azeroth forums as well.

Here's what matty asks us: "What vows would your character say, intend, or break, and to what allegiance? Would it be to class/race/specialization, deity, or ruler? This is quite a challenging Blog Azeroth topic, however, I know you are all up to it because you are amazing writers."

I am not the greatest writer or blogger here, But I share my thoughts of mine to entertain my readers as much as I can, I may not have all the best ideas as well and what I can contribute in these shared topics will hopefully still be worth reading. I apologized in advance if my English is little off or wrong grammar and I also quit the game for a while now so I am just sharing my past experiences since I did play the game since pre-bc till pandaren expansion. I will be sharing my vows of my priest as she is the main character of mine in game.

Anyway, The vows, or what had my characters said in game has brought a lot of realization of how my character portraits, there purpose and how they handle their strength, there flexibility in game. They may not be the rulers of this world, but they are servants of there own faith. and I value each of there abilities to protect there fellow characters in game either any allegiance they may have. The quotes I am sharing as a holy priest was a broken quotes from the game itself but I managed to put them as vow to share what her purpose is. and the shadow priest vow I just made it up myself. So hopefully these are okay. Please don't hesitate to comment... Here goes!

Holy Priest
"I come to cleanse this land. Of course, I am your servant. And by the power of the light, begone! spawn of darkness. There is peace and serenity within the light. I have been choosen by the big metal hand in the sky. Is my aid required? Is someone injured? I am a holy priest that is my duty and purpose to serve the legion in this world. If you die my friend, I will resurrect you and live peacefully."

Shadow Priest
"The shadow dark form is my friend, I am still a priest to help cure the curse of this land. I will fight beside you my friend, the damage of my darkest spells can harm anyone who I encounter, I am here to protect, to serve a purpose and despite in the midst of war though i may not be the best healer but I am an ally to make a way to help and heal you and try to save anyone who i see suffering. I believed in my own strength and flexibility in battles and I can be a great service anywhere in this world."

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year y'all!

Hi everyone! I just want to wish every household out there, every gamer, every hard working parents, military men and women, children, and all people around the world a very Happy Prosperous New Year of 2014! 

2013, was a great year but the calamities we seen happened around the world and our community it changes how we see things and realized that every second, minute, hours, everyday is very important that we have to live our lives to the fullest, we never know what's going to happen today, tomorrow, or the future. 

With Family during Christmas Eve 2013
Hopefully 2014, will be a year filled with more love, peace, respect to one another. I know my 2013 was not all that great but I was blessed to have my family, relatives and friends who supports me, loves me, cares for me and able to spend time with them despite the hardships I've gone through. I am blessed to still be alive and able to do what I want to do, I may not accomplish all the goals I expected for 2013 but there's always next year. I can't change the past but I can definitely change what's now. 

I thank God for everything, he is still the center of my life spiritually, I can pray everyday to him, to share my problems, my doubts, my fears, anytime and I know he listens. 

I know that my friends online from twitter, to world of warcraft blogging community, netizens, are very supportive and despite there busy schedule in real world they still managed to post any topics about the game and I admire that of them. So Thank you guys for your wonderful posts daily, all your readers, fans, visitors are thankful to have you. May your new year be filled with much more topics to discuss and for sure we will look forward to it. I will myself try to catch up but I doubt it but whatever community event out there I will try to participate or help you in anyway for community to join and have fun. 

Anyway, May every one of you be blessed! Thank you again for the wonderful year of 2013 and now we start a new year and I am looking forward to it, Im ready! so Bring it on! Please be safe everyday, be mindful of your surroundings, be positive, be proactive, be generous, be respectful, be kind, be thoughtful, be sensitive, be brave, be courageous, be honest, be loving, be caring, be nice, be true, be better, be satisfied and remember family does not only mean blood related, family means anyone you spend quality time with. Take care everyone! and I love you all! Mwah!!!