Sunday, May 25, 2014

Shared Topic Idea: Interface and Addons

Hi guys, Today is the deadline of the bi-weekly Shared Topic Idea brought to you by yourstruly over at Blog Azeroth. I thought about this topic since I was curious what Interface you guys have or addons you use that is beneficial to your own play style either you are a raider, pvper, or soloing. 

Glad to check out Velgana and Andre on there thoughts on this topic as well and its great to know what addons they are using and which they prefer on their own play style. As for me, I want to keep my gaming visible to my eyes, organized and not clustered fck that I don't know what spells im throwing out there. 

Resourceful Sites that I use for addons are Curse, WoWinterface and WoWMatrix. These sites helps me choose updated addons for the game. It is very useful and easy to download as well. WoWMatrix just make it more easier for me to download it as a 3rd party application for me to use and download apps from Curse and WoWinterface in 1. its like having a 3 in 1 engine all together, Don't hesitate to try WoWmatrix its really useful, 1 click to check on if your addons are all up to date as well.

As far as addons, I don't have so many but what I have are useful ones that I use for raiding and for soloing. I don't pvp but my interface is one pack that comes with all of it, well most of it. and I recommend you guys to check out the following addons. Description are also noted here. 

I will also show you some of the screenshots I took from in game what my interface looks like in groups or raid party. I used to have Elvui and Tukui minimalistic Interface which also comes with a few addons with the interface. But when I found out about Dark ShestackUI I was amazed how organized it is. I definitely recommend. Especially the Grid addons that is actually in favor for me as a healer that the boxes are right infront in the center of my monitor. 

Also, The combat texts and cast bar and all that are very well organized as well. So check it out your whole gaming experience will be more exciting I recommend it. Anyway, Thanks for coming by guys I appreciate it. I don't have many addons but the ones I have are all useful to me. Each and every player has its own taste and how their interface will look like and what addons they have.

But overall my goal is not to use up too much memory in terms of how big the addon will be that will not cause any lag or freezes of your game. and you will still enjoy playing and have fun. Take care guys and Happy Memorial Day! To all soldiers who serve the nation Thank you for all your hard work, and to those who lose their lives in battle your service are all appreciated your a hero in our hearts and this holiday sure is to celebrate in memory of all of you. Thanks and Have a great day!