Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 2: Why you decided to start a blog?

Hey guys, Today is second day of the 20 days of WoW Blogging challenge over at Spellbound. and I am excited to share my side of story of Why I decided to start a blog? well, I can tell you that I dislike talking in trade chat, and all the trolls talking non sense, but there are some players that really talk some interesting stuff and out of curiosity, if they are talking about this things in trade chat why not try blog about what other players think about there class, spec, etc. I was also learning myself in playing the game so that encourage me to talk my game experiences to everyone. When I started blogging a lot of ideas pop in my head that I know having a blog will help me understand how to play my character better, and also to become a better raider for our guild.

I know I may not be the best blogger out there but I am learning one step at a time. Blogging is expressing what you think is relevant, just being yourself,  sharing ideas with the same interest with the community. And I was also reading a few of my favorite bloggers namely Miss Medicina, & Bob Turkey they inspired me a lot to do it! I know both of them are not active now but that didn't stop me... I moved on and still blogging until this day.

My first blog and still active is over at Christine's Blog its more a general blog and random topics posted there, and then I started this blog days ago that will focus more towards just Priest stuff, but Friday is the only day to talk about Random thoughts. I have a specific schedule for this blog to post that way I can focus more on what to talk about daily. Anyway, that is it for now I am looking forward to do Day 3 - tomorrow and that would be "Your first day playing World of Warcraft".  If you miss my other 20 days of WoW Blogging challenges please click here or check my navigation bar on top for easier access. and If your still starting to Join or curious about it check here for more details at Spellbound Blog by Saga. Have a good one guys! Thanks guys and Have a good one! 

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Hi guys, Today's random topic is The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. A lot of people are curious where we can watch the live stream and full coverage of the couple wedding ceremony and after wedding footage. You can watch the live stream now over at AP livestream. I just want to add that while watching, I really like Kate Middleton's wedding dress has been designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. I really like how simple yet elegant and really fits how Kate carry herself with it. To know more about Kate's wedding dress details click here. The wedding was held at Westminster Abbey. I really like what Prince William and Kate Middleton have written their own prayer: 

"God our Father, we thank you for our families; for the love that we share and for the joy of our marriage. In the busyness of each day keep our eyes fixed on what is real and important in life and help us to be generous with our time and love and energy. Strengthened by our union help us to serve and comfort those who suffer. We ask this in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Amen."

Anyway, I also like to share TheRoyalChannel over at Youtube that is also rebroadcasting the whole event for those of you who missed it, photos and more are also shared. go check it out! Thanks for reading this post. Have a good one guys! =D

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 1: Introducing Amerence the Priest!

Hi guys, I stumble upon Spellbound's blog and read about what she proposed the 20 days of WoW Blogging Challenge. It was interesting enough that seeing all the pingbacks and comments from other bloggers, I immediately commented without hesitation and decided to join. I like these challenges its entertaining and fun. So today, Day 1 it is all about Introducing yourself, here goes...

My name is Christine but most of my friends and family call me by my second name Wendy. My home country is  in the Philippines but I currently reside in Iowa right now, I am a healthcare provider for 5years, I am trying to finish Nursing but I think I will change course soon, health care is too much for me, my back is hurting and it's a very stressful job, I know its a very in demand career but it is not something I really like doing for long time, I am more interested in Culinary arts, and who doesn't love cooking!? well, I am anyway. and also Web designing, probably when I go back to California where my family are I will start taking classes for web designing, but well see!

Yes, I am Asian and loves to play an online game, but I am not a Gold farmer!!! lolx, before I started playing World of Warcraft, I played several pc games before like Diablo, Counterstrike, Starcraft and then a year before World of Warcraft was launched I was playing Ragnarok Online in Chaos server where I actually met and knew my boyfriend for 4yrs now (I still play Starcraft and Counterstrike, also playing Shakes & Fidget). My boyfriend and his best friend was actually the ones who push me to try and play World of Warcraft so I did, I started playing around September of 2006. My first toon that I actually created is on my boyfriend's account and I named her Henrieta, but since my boyfriend had to play his rogue Urashima, I decided to bought my own account and that is when I started playing Amerence my priest.

To know more about me, I actually just going to link you my About Me page for more details i.e guild history etc, I don't want to make this post too long and end up a wall of text afraid you might get bored. But I am glad to be one of the million subscribers of World of Warcraft MMO game. I will probably still be playing the game after 10yrs or so, don't know... but right now I am happy where I am right now currently in the best guild with friends in Staghelm server. Look forward until the next challenge for upcoming Day 2 - Why you decided to start a blog? Have a good one guys! =D

Thursday Updates on Guild Progression

Hi guys! another day, another post! today is Thursday for Guild updates. My guild over at Staghelm server, Vanquish has been around since vanilla days. I joined the guild roughly around October of 2010, but after 2 months being in the guild I decided to be in social status because I am focused in school and I don't want to put too much time playing at that time. Vanquish is a very competitive raiding environment, a lot of good players that actually knows how to play their classes. Despite any circumstances the guild will still move on in doing progression no matter what happens, I admired the guild's motivation and determination. Because I know we rarely see guilds now a days that will stick through thick and thin. (I had been too many guilds, and from my past experiences. Vanquish is a guild that is willing to take risks and will try until it succeeds.)

Edit: I forgot to mention that we finally able to reach Guild level 25 last night, it was awesome and the Account bind Lion mount I love! Congratulations Vanquish! yep yep hooray! =)

Even though I'm a social member of the guild and rarely get an invite to join the 25 man raids, I am observing and still support the guild achievements. Cataclysm has brought a lot of good features for the guild system, and has changed the members outlook towards progression. For raiders, raiding the end game content and others running classic dungeons are still a good sign that the members are working together to help the guild's reputation and progression status.

I am happy to be part of my guild accomplishments and have no regrets being in the guild. Also based on rankings before Patch 4.1Vanquish is currently Rank 4 in the server, killed 4 Heroic Bosses so far and still progressing. We did lost a few guild members last week due to military, work, school and just quit playing the game, but we are recruiting for those who are interested to join. click here for more information about the guild recruitment policy. I wish Vanquish best of luck and always keep up the good work! Below is the latest boss kill shot edited by me.

For all the guilds out there, I wish you Good Luck! Thank you for reading this post! until tomorrow for some random thoughts! Have a good one! =D

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Patch 4.1 Zul'Gurub Achievement Run and Dailies!

Hello guys! another day, another post and its Wednesday that means its Dailies and Achievements today! as my usual routine I do my dailies for cooking, fishing, and Cataclysm reputation (I know I am exalted to all of them but good money is still profit!) though I also did the new Zul'Gurub daily and dungeon quests. Since it was Tuesday I ask guild if they want to run the heroic daily with the new dungeons, 2 of my guild mates wants to go, since Patch 4.1 released Live yesterday everyone are excited of the new dungeon LFG features for the new instances  Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub.

You can also get 140 valor tokens and 353 item level gears for both reborn dungeons. but before we get excited on gears and tokens, My experience in Zul'Gurub yesterday was unbelievable!. I know I run this instance back in Burning Crusade and Wrath of Lich king and yes it was easy alright! like our pug tank yesterday said "I used to solo this place" well, its different now and its heroic! so the que for waiting other players to run the dungeon is not bad, I loved it don't have to wait freaking 30minutes just to do 1 heroic dungeon it was ridiculous then.

So far so good, we cleared the trash till first boss to make the long story short, we wiped 3times! the freaking tank can't hold aggro, and won't listen to our healer while she was explaining the fight. so we gave him a chance, and again we wiped! omg! really?! and he keeps saying "I used to solo this place" well, I think its time to change that phrase to "I can't tank this place"!? I was so pissed, so we voted him off... finally a decent tank while our healer explained the fight despite she never run the instance we one shot the boss. As we go on, we killed 2-3 bosses then. but our healer disconnected from the game and so am I, of course its Patch day! I thought at first it was just me but other did too and other players were waiting at the entrance to zone in.

Anyway, our healer still didn't log back in, we waited about 15minutes but no sign so we decided to get another healer, its a paladin! and he was kinda in a hurry things and telling us the strats so yea okay, good we have someone that knows the fight too. off to another boss, killing the mini boss for the quests too after that Bam! he left, other dpsers in the group including me saying "WTF" at the same time it was so funny! but seriously though I though he would heal better but guess not. So we qued for a healer again! Hooray its a druid! this is good.

Finally a better group, off to another boss we went to where all those little Tiki mask mob (THEY ARE ANNOYING) and guess what happen?! of course we wiped! many times too... that alone took 30minutes and we end up avoiding the area because it was buggy and the tiki guys was still following. finally we killed another boss loots drop but for most of the gears are DE'ed and Greed, I was happy I won a wand though.

The easiest boss ever was Kirilan, the cat lady. after her we went for the last boss. we wiped twice but everyone so far got the fight working especially breaking the chains, the reason we wiped because the druid keep aggroed by the shadows and of course no heals. Anyway, overall the run was sooooo lonnnnnnnggg it actually took us close to 4hours imagine 4hours! thats like full time raiding night schedule! ahaha! it was crazy but my day has ended at least I got the Heroic: Zul'Gurub Achievement! but yea even though it was very chaotic it was fun! =D

For some of you might be wondering how the boss in Zul'Gurub does, a great strategy from WoW Insider has it all! Check it out for more information. Until Tommorow guys, see you Thursday for Guild Updates! I am hoping to get a solid group for Zul'Aman tmr. too. Anyway, Have a good one!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Screenshot by Amerence #1

Hello guys! another day, another post! and its Tuesday which means its a screenshot day, I was flying around Stormwind, and since we just celebrated Easter yesterday thought to post something to symbolized a church. so I took a screenshot of the Stormwind Cathedral, this structure is magnificent, and I love the fountain just outside of the building. this is also considered the main house and trainer of all Human Priests in game. I hope you like it as much I do. Enjoy and Have a good one!

My Plans for my Blog

Hey guys! another day, another post I just like to share to everyone what my plans would be for this blog, I know there are lots of things to talk about especially about my priest Amerence. Here are my list of things to do daily, I know some of you might think I am crazy posting something everyday but I will try my best to deliver all my thoughts and experiences to you, because this is why I love playing World of Warcraft its a hobby of mine and I know you can relate with me.
  1. Mon - Latest news & Tip of the day
  2. Tues- Screenshot of the day
  3. Wed - Dailies/Achievements
  4. Thurs - Guild updates & Dungeons
  5. Fri- Random thoughts/Off-topic
  6. Sat - Addons/Interface reviews
  7. Sun - Poll Question review
Anyway, that is all for now. changes will vary depending if there are emergency that I have to go somewhere important, if I have school exams, if I missed posting something in a day, I will post 2 topics the next day to catch up with it. because I know besides playing the game, I also have life to care of, some of you might think I play World of Warcraft 24hrs but I am not. I am healthcare provider I take care of elderly for about 5yrs now. So that gives you an idea despite of me having a real life to take care of I will make sure I can share something to my readers and visitors about the game I play online. Thanks guys! and Have a good one! =)

TIP OF THE DAY: Make sure to sell all your other mats like cloth, enchanting mats etc. because the patch is coming and the price of those mats will be lowered because they can easily be acquired on running dungeons and in new raids. Good luck!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi guys, Welcome to Amerence Love WoW blog site! This blog will focus on talking about my Priest  daily adventures in game (This was changed talking about Community events and Blog azeroth shared topic events) which includes my leveling, professions, achievements, exploring, guild progression, raiding, screenshots, dailies, talent spec, gears, world events, addons, interface and general reviews about the priest class in game.

Sharing my in game experience to everyone through blogging is great, and I hope that you can relate to my stories and will enjoy reading it as much as I love writing them. Thank you in advance by visiting my blog, commenting, and reading my topics I appreciate it! Please share my blog to your friends who loves to play World of Warcraft. Have a good one! <3