Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 1: Introducing Amerence the Priest!

Hi guys, I stumble upon Spellbound's blog and read about what she proposed the 20 days of WoW Blogging Challenge. It was interesting enough that seeing all the pingbacks and comments from other bloggers, I immediately commented without hesitation and decided to join. I like these challenges its entertaining and fun. So today, Day 1 it is all about Introducing yourself, here goes...

My name is Christine but most of my friends and family call me by my second name Wendy. My home country is  in the Philippines but I currently reside in Iowa right now, I am a healthcare provider for 5years, I am trying to finish Nursing but I think I will change course soon, health care is too much for me, my back is hurting and it's a very stressful job, I know its a very in demand career but it is not something I really like doing for long time, I am more interested in Culinary arts, and who doesn't love cooking!? well, I am anyway. and also Web designing, probably when I go back to California where my family are I will start taking classes for web designing, but well see!

Yes, I am Asian and loves to play an online game, but I am not a Gold farmer!!! lolx, before I started playing World of Warcraft, I played several pc games before like Diablo, Counterstrike, Starcraft and then a year before World of Warcraft was launched I was playing Ragnarok Online in Chaos server where I actually met and knew my boyfriend for 4yrs now (I still play Starcraft and Counterstrike, also playing Shakes & Fidget). My boyfriend and his best friend was actually the ones who push me to try and play World of Warcraft so I did, I started playing around September of 2006. My first toon that I actually created is on my boyfriend's account and I named her Henrieta, but since my boyfriend had to play his rogue Urashima, I decided to bought my own account and that is when I started playing Amerence my priest.

To know more about me, I actually just going to link you my About Me page for more details i.e guild history etc, I don't want to make this post too long and end up a wall of text afraid you might get bored. But I am glad to be one of the million subscribers of World of Warcraft MMO game. I will probably still be playing the game after 10yrs or so, don't know... but right now I am happy where I am right now currently in the best guild with friends in Staghelm server. Look forward until the next challenge for upcoming Day 2 - Why you decided to start a blog? Have a good one guys! =D

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  1. This is actually very interesting I'll be following this challenge.


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