Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Patch 4.1 Zul'Gurub Achievement Run and Dailies!

Hello guys! another day, another post and its Wednesday that means its Dailies and Achievements today! as my usual routine I do my dailies for cooking, fishing, and Cataclysm reputation (I know I am exalted to all of them but good money is still profit!) though I also did the new Zul'Gurub daily and dungeon quests. Since it was Tuesday I ask guild if they want to run the heroic daily with the new dungeons, 2 of my guild mates wants to go, since Patch 4.1 released Live yesterday everyone are excited of the new dungeon LFG features for the new instances  Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub.

You can also get 140 valor tokens and 353 item level gears for both reborn dungeons. but before we get excited on gears and tokens, My experience in Zul'Gurub yesterday was unbelievable!. I know I run this instance back in Burning Crusade and Wrath of Lich king and yes it was easy alright! like our pug tank yesterday said "I used to solo this place" well, its different now and its heroic! so the que for waiting other players to run the dungeon is not bad, I loved it don't have to wait freaking 30minutes just to do 1 heroic dungeon it was ridiculous then.

So far so good, we cleared the trash till first boss to make the long story short, we wiped 3times! the freaking tank can't hold aggro, and won't listen to our healer while she was explaining the fight. so we gave him a chance, and again we wiped! omg! really?! and he keeps saying "I used to solo this place" well, I think its time to change that phrase to "I can't tank this place"!? I was so pissed, so we voted him off... finally a decent tank while our healer explained the fight despite she never run the instance we one shot the boss. As we go on, we killed 2-3 bosses then. but our healer disconnected from the game and so am I, of course its Patch day! I thought at first it was just me but other did too and other players were waiting at the entrance to zone in.

Anyway, our healer still didn't log back in, we waited about 15minutes but no sign so we decided to get another healer, its a paladin! and he was kinda in a hurry things and telling us the strats so yea okay, good we have someone that knows the fight too. off to another boss, killing the mini boss for the quests too after that Bam! he left, other dpsers in the group including me saying "WTF" at the same time it was so funny! but seriously though I though he would heal better but guess not. So we qued for a healer again! Hooray its a druid! this is good.

Finally a better group, off to another boss we went to where all those little Tiki mask mob (THEY ARE ANNOYING) and guess what happen?! of course we wiped! many times too... that alone took 30minutes and we end up avoiding the area because it was buggy and the tiki guys was still following. finally we killed another boss loots drop but for most of the gears are DE'ed and Greed, I was happy I won a wand though.

The easiest boss ever was Kirilan, the cat lady. after her we went for the last boss. we wiped twice but everyone so far got the fight working especially breaking the chains, the reason we wiped because the druid keep aggroed by the shadows and of course no heals. Anyway, overall the run was sooooo lonnnnnnnggg it actually took us close to 4hours imagine 4hours! thats like full time raiding night schedule! ahaha! it was crazy but my day has ended at least I got the Heroic: Zul'Gurub Achievement! but yea even though it was very chaotic it was fun! =D

For some of you might be wondering how the boss in Zul'Gurub does, a great strategy from WoW Insider has it all! Check it out for more information. Until Tommorow guys, see you Thursday for Guild Updates! I am hoping to get a solid group for Zul'Aman tmr. too. Anyway, Have a good one!


  1. yea i was pretty angry about the 4 hour instance

  2. @joe/Qoon

    haha! I blame the tanks though, we would finish the instance better if we didn't have any other issues yesterday like disconnection and waiting for que. but oh well! at least we managed to finish it and got loots! =D

  3. @joe/Qoon

    We still need to finish Zul'Aman we were in the middle of the fight on 3rd boss yesterday but there was a server restart and kick us out from the dungeon it sucks! lolx oh well. hopefully we get it done this week. =D


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