Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Updates on Guild Progression

Hi guys! another day, another post! today is Thursday for Guild updates. My guild over at Staghelm server, Vanquish has been around since vanilla days. I joined the guild roughly around October of 2010, but after 2 months being in the guild I decided to be in social status because I am focused in school and I don't want to put too much time playing at that time. Vanquish is a very competitive raiding environment, a lot of good players that actually knows how to play their classes. Despite any circumstances the guild will still move on in doing progression no matter what happens, I admired the guild's motivation and determination. Because I know we rarely see guilds now a days that will stick through thick and thin. (I had been too many guilds, and from my past experiences. Vanquish is a guild that is willing to take risks and will try until it succeeds.)

Edit: I forgot to mention that we finally able to reach Guild level 25 last night, it was awesome and the Account bind Lion mount I love! Congratulations Vanquish! yep yep hooray! =)

Even though I'm a social member of the guild and rarely get an invite to join the 25 man raids, I am observing and still support the guild achievements. Cataclysm has brought a lot of good features for the guild system, and has changed the members outlook towards progression. For raiders, raiding the end game content and others running classic dungeons are still a good sign that the members are working together to help the guild's reputation and progression status.

I am happy to be part of my guild accomplishments and have no regrets being in the guild. Also based on rankings before Patch 4.1Vanquish is currently Rank 4 in the server, killed 4 Heroic Bosses so far and still progressing. We did lost a few guild members last week due to military, work, school and just quit playing the game, but we are recruiting for those who are interested to join. click here for more information about the guild recruitment policy. I wish Vanquish best of luck and always keep up the good work! Below is the latest boss kill shot edited by me.

For all the guilds out there, I wish you Good Luck! Thank you for reading this post! until tomorrow for some random thoughts! Have a good one! =D

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  1. Sorry I almost forgot about the Guild Level achievement last night so I edited and put some more pics and I love the Lion mount too, I actually bought 3 of them for all my characters! ahaha! Grats Vanquish! =D


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