Friday, January 25, 2013

My #FFW Gift, Better Late than Never!

Hi guys, I apologized for unable to update my blog for quiet sometime now as usual been busy with work and moving from one place to another. Anyway, to make up for it though it's late... the Furtive Father Winter hosted by Akabeko of Red Cow Rise Blog and also sponsored by Blog Azeroth is still alive. And the gifts that I received from my secret santa and a very cute character portrait art by Kamalia are all appreciated. Thank you guys so much! 

Character Portrait by Kamalia Et Alia Blog
Thanks so much Kamalia! your so sweet.. to put effort on creating this I greatly appreciate it. <3

Here's a little something for Amerence. I think her character has blue eyes, but it's a little hard to tell on the armory, so tell her to contact me if that needs to be changed.
:) Kam

And From My secret Santa for #FFW It's from Jeni Morton... Thanks so much for the great creativity and your work is awesome! Thanks so much hon. <3

WoW <3 Amerence!

Father Winter had a hard time finding you, since you have been in Azeroth so little lately.  Still, he wanted you to know that WoW loves you as much as you love it.  How was he going to show you this?  He peeked at your Blogger profile, found what you love, and grabbed a camera.  He found all the stuff you love and some of the things you do in WoW!

One thing Father Winter found out is that you help other bloggers as a moderator of the Blog Azeroth forums.  In a way, this is almost like being a librarian of a huge collection.  Here are a few of the great libraries in Azeroth.

Father Winter also found out that you work in the health care industry.  In Azeroth, this means first aid.  Here is the Dalaran Infirmary, well stocked and staffed with caring people just like you!

Another interest of yours is in the culinary arts.  Food!  Azeroth has lots of that.  Here are a few of the many culinary delights Father Winter was able to find waiting for someone to eat.
It's no secret to anyone that has even bumped into your blog casually that you love games.  Here are a couple games I found in Azeroth.

One other interest Father Winter found was a little confusing.  Zumba?  He found an elf that lived outside the boundaries of Azeroth to find out what it was.  Dancing!  Everyone in Azeroth loves to dance, even if they aren't all good at it.  Father Winter forgot his video camera, so he had to ask someone if he could use their footage of Azerothian Dance.  I hope that you can use some of these moves while you, uh, Zumba. (The Link for the video will be edited soon... I apologized I had to ask Jen coz I can't find it in youtube.)

Again, I am sorry that Father Winter was so late getting to you.  Please don't think that it was because you were on the bad list.  You are so close to the top of the good list, I wonder why he got lost.  There should be a glowing arrow over your head!  Maybe it's because of all the real world moving you have been doing.  I hope your new place is wonderful, and that you are doing well.  As for Father Winter, well, he had a little help.  Meet his elf, Delgadita.

Thank you so much Delgadita, I think you know me a lot now.. haha, Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone! and Hope you enjoy the post topic today. Better late than never! Thanks again!