Hi guys! The links below is where I mostly get a lot of information to read about what's going on in World of Warcraft community. These links are big part of my blog too. Please check them out if you haven't yet. If you want me to include your links here, please just leave a comment and I will update my list. Thank you!

  1. World of Warcraft/ - official website and access to account
  2. WoW Insider - a great site for updates and blue posts too.
  3. Wowwiki - a World of Warcraft Enclyopedia, updates and more.
  4. Wowhead - a great tool for any World of Warcraft information to use (i.e gears, talent calculator)
  5. WoW headlines- List of 10 classes blogs with RSS feeds.
  6. MMO Champion - Forums, Blue posts and World of Warcraft updates.
  7. Blog Azeroth - WoW Forums, Shared topics, WoW Updates
  8. - Shadow priest Forums, Guides and more.
  9. MMO Melting Pot - WoW News, Blog Map and More.
  10. Onslaught guild - My current guild and big part of some thoughts and experience to share here.
  11. HowToPriest - A great forum to discuss pretty much about Priests in any spec, from interface, addons and more visit and join in the community.
  1. WoWinterface - addons site for all WoW players (i.e minimalistic compilations of interface)
  2. Curse - Addons site for WoW players and other MMO games.
  1. Twisted Nether - a Blog Azeroth podcast
  2. Matticast - World of Matticus Podcast
  3. All Things Azeroth - Another WoW Radio you might want to check it out!
  4. Blu plz -Cynical Brit a game review podcast
  5. The Instance - a love for World of Warcraft reviews
  6. WoW Insider List of other Podcast - check out the list of the other podcaster.
  7. The Mana Cooler - A WoW musings, news and personal podcast.
  8. Girls Gone WoW Show - Girls with English accent playing WoW hell yea!
  9. The Leetsauced Podcast - Hot guys, podcasting why not?
  10. The Sundering - Wanna listed to latest news around the community, check this out!
  11. Grand Old Podcast - Blog for a Warcraft podcast that looks at the themes, stories, podcasts, and issues within the MMO World of Warcraft and how those issues reflect on us as a people.
Retired Bloggers
  1. Righteous Orbs - Last post: Febraury 6th, 2011
  2. The Pink Pigtail Inn - Last post March 27, 2011
  3. Bob Turkey - Last post November 2, 2010
  4. Miss Medicina - Last post October 27, 2009
Since there are thousands of World of Warcraft bloggers out there to read about, Please just check out this list of bloggers provided by TwistedNether/Wiki - the list includes general blogs to class specific blogs.

    The current list of reads are posted in the main page of my blog, Hope you can read and subscribe all those wonderful blogs as well, they are definitely recommended!


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