Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I am back in playing WoW and Blogging again..

For all those who have known me in the community, Just want to say that I am back playing World of Warcraft since 3 weeks ago. I just want to let my readers/followers on this site despite my long absence. That I want you guys to know that you can follow me again on my current blog over at AmerPriest Blog. This blog will remain only for community memes, events and such and yet it will still remain active since the beginning. 

I would definitely like to get back to the community and want to let you all know that right now Blog Azeroth Forums is inactive. I have not contacted Filmys yet about it, but I am sure they already know since I was the last person to help moderate the forums, Hoping to bring it back though. Please follow me on twitter and can get updates from me there as well. @amerencegamer. Anyway, Thanks again guys! Happy Gaming.


  1. WoW is a trap that gets us all back eventually! I find myself waiting to see what news comes out of Blizzcon before I officially re-sub, but I have that itch!

    1. Heya Sam, nice to hear from ya. Sure its really just player's choice and i think what your doing is good too. But yes i am enjoying it so far.

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