Friday, July 8, 2011

Tag, Your It! Circle of Healing Questionnaire Version 2.0

Hi guys, Circle of Healing Questonnaire was originally created by Miss Medicina whom the reason I continue blogging, She was an inspiration and through this questionnaire it did helped me and learned a lot from other responses as well especially those priest's out there. It's a healing webring afterall, the community was amazed how the traffic flows to answer these questions. So Saunder of Non Squishy Heals thought about reviving the meme to get updates how our healing now a days from our fellow healers in the community.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guild Updates: Nefarian and Al'akir dead!

Hi guys, I just thought to share a great raid night we had last night, even though I know the bosses in Blackwing Descent and Throne of the Winds are nerfed after Patch 4.2 released, still a good feeling to kill the end boss of both dungeons. I still consider that we did put effort of clearing the content, and even before the nerfed we attempted it to learn the mechanics of the fight. I am glad that content is cleared, I don't know about any decision yet if we are pushing to also try heroic or just forward our progression to Firelands, But whatever my guild's decision I know it will all be worth it and it will be fun.