Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guild Updates: Nefarian and Al'akir dead!

Hi guys, I just thought to share a great raid night we had last night, even though I know the bosses in Blackwing Descent and Throne of the Winds are nerfed after Patch 4.2 released, still a good feeling to kill the end boss of both dungeons. I still consider that we did put effort of clearing the content, and even before the nerfed we attempted it to learn the mechanics of the fight. I am glad that content is cleared, I don't know about any decision yet if we are pushing to also try heroic or just forward our progression to Firelands, But whatever my guild's decision I know it will all be worth it and it will be fun.

Screenshot and Edited by Amerence
Great Players, Great Friends, Great Guild! yes, this is true.. through my experience playing this game. I learned a lot, being with great friends and players around in a guild makes a lot difference. I had been too many guilds and also in different servers, and one thing that never replaces it is the fun you enjoy playing with each other. My previous guilds I joined was fine. but you can really tell that you would rather spend your time playing with a guild who acknowledge you and what your capable of when playing your class. 

I also got a Tier shoulders from Al'akir drop lastnight I was so happy. I was also able to finally obtain my Defenders title. So lastnight was really nice. We may only be just a 10 man guild, but I am proud of it, Congratulations Vagrants of Staghelm please visit for any informaion or if you want to apply as we are currently recruiting, Thanks. Hopefully we can progress through Firelands soon. Wish us luck and thank you for reading this post! Have a great day!


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