Monday, April 25, 2011

My Plans for my Blog

Hey guys! another day, another post I just like to share to everyone what my plans would be for this blog, I know there are lots of things to talk about especially about my priest Amerence. Here are my list of things to do daily, I know some of you might think I am crazy posting something everyday but I will try my best to deliver all my thoughts and experiences to you, because this is why I love playing World of Warcraft its a hobby of mine and I know you can relate with me.
  1. Mon - Latest news & Tip of the day
  2. Tues- Screenshot of the day
  3. Wed - Dailies/Achievements
  4. Thurs - Guild updates & Dungeons
  5. Fri- Random thoughts/Off-topic
  6. Sat - Addons/Interface reviews
  7. Sun - Poll Question review
Anyway, that is all for now. changes will vary depending if there are emergency that I have to go somewhere important, if I have school exams, if I missed posting something in a day, I will post 2 topics the next day to catch up with it. because I know besides playing the game, I also have life to care of, some of you might think I play World of Warcraft 24hrs but I am not. I am healthcare provider I take care of elderly for about 5yrs now. So that gives you an idea despite of me having a real life to take care of I will make sure I can share something to my readers and visitors about the game I play online. Thanks guys! and Have a good one! =)

TIP OF THE DAY: Make sure to sell all your other mats like cloth, enchanting mats etc. because the patch is coming and the price of those mats will be lowered because they can easily be acquired on running dungeons and in new raids. Good luck!


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