Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shared Topic: Oaths

Hi Everyone, its been a while I have not post a shared topic for Blog azeroth since October of 2012, so pretty much its been more than a year. Anyway, this new shared topic idea was a great contribution by Mataoka of Sugar and Blood blog this shared topic started Jan 4, 2014 - January 10, 2014 if you haven't joined yet please visit and refer his topic through Blog Azeroth forums as well.

Here's what matty asks us: "What vows would your character say, intend, or break, and to what allegiance? Would it be to class/race/specialization, deity, or ruler? This is quite a challenging Blog Azeroth topic, however, I know you are all up to it because you are amazing writers."

I am not the greatest writer or blogger here, But I share my thoughts of mine to entertain my readers as much as I can, I may not have all the best ideas as well and what I can contribute in these shared topics will hopefully still be worth reading. I apologized in advance if my English is little off or wrong grammar and I also quit the game for a while now so I am just sharing my past experiences since I did play the game since pre-bc till pandaren expansion. I will be sharing my vows of my priest as she is the main character of mine in game.

Anyway, The vows, or what had my characters said in game has brought a lot of realization of how my character portraits, there purpose and how they handle their strength, there flexibility in game. They may not be the rulers of this world, but they are servants of there own faith. and I value each of there abilities to protect there fellow characters in game either any allegiance they may have. The quotes I am sharing as a holy priest was a broken quotes from the game itself but I managed to put them as vow to share what her purpose is. and the shadow priest vow I just made it up myself. So hopefully these are okay. Please don't hesitate to comment... Here goes!

Holy Priest
"I come to cleanse this land. Of course, I am your servant. And by the power of the light, begone! spawn of darkness. There is peace and serenity within the light. I have been choosen by the big metal hand in the sky. Is my aid required? Is someone injured? I am a holy priest that is my duty and purpose to serve the legion in this world. If you die my friend, I will resurrect you and live peacefully."

Shadow Priest
"The shadow dark form is my friend, I am still a priest to help cure the curse of this land. I will fight beside you my friend, the damage of my darkest spells can harm anyone who I encounter, I am here to protect, to serve a purpose and despite in the midst of war though i may not be the best healer but I am an ally to make a way to help and heal you and try to save anyone who i see suffering. I believed in my own strength and flexibility in battles and I can be a great service anywhere in this world."


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