Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 5: My Favorite Items in game

Hi guys, another challenge for 20days saga for WoW Blogging challenge over at Spellbound. We are now at Day 5 which will be discussing about What my favorite items in game. Hmm, I know that there will probably many of them, but I will just narrate 3 of what I really like since I played World of Warcraft. The items in game are incredibly fascinating, from gears, to weapons, pvp items, companion/vanity pets, mounts, even foods and drinks. But what I really like are the following;

I just like how it was designed, and of all the tier set for Priest I really like the 6th one. I remember when we are clearing Hyjal, Serpentshrine and other Raid dungeons during Burning Crusade it was fun! and though there was a lot of Priest in group and chances you will not get your set in one night, just being patient and you'll get it eventually. How about other priest out there? Did you like Tier 6?

During Burning Crusade I grind most of my time playing World of Warcraft, and the place where you can acquire such Kitty mounts are in Darnassus city of night elves. So I grind the reputation turning in lots of cloth just to be exalted because during that time you can't acquire any mounts if you want the fastest one if your not exalted, now a days its so easy to acquire mounts. But anyway, what I really like about the mounts until this day is they are fast, they jump quiet high too, and the rawr. I just loved them. and in Cataclysm if your guild is level 25 you get the King of the Jungle, Lion Mount its awesome!

As much as I like to collect all of them, so far I only have 81 out of 100. And that's a lot for me! From common animals like cat, squirrel, birds, and many more they are easy to acquire, some may have a few quests line to get one but there is a pet store mostly in all city in the world. You can feed them, love them, even put a leash to them, and play catch. They don't attack because they are friendly, and to add collections they are also some vanity pets Blizzard is selling for $10.00 you can go to there pet store. and recently they just put up a new cenarion hatchling for any purchase bought for the pet goes to Japan earthquake relief.

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  1. I also Like to add the Heart Fireworks on Love is in the Air World events.. I Like those things too. They are fun! =D

  2. Oh, I loved the Priest T6 gear. It was lovely. I like a lot of the Priest gear, but that's one of my favourites.

    The nightsabers are one of my favourite mounts too. Who can not love those cats? :)

  3. @Saga

    Yay! You made it here... I was worried you wont be able to see my posts response for 20days... thanks for dropping by hon. and yes most priest tier gears are nice but I like the Tier 6 most. =D


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