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Shared Topic: New Class Theories

Hi guys, Over at Blog Azeroth a shared topic brought to you by Shadow at Death Knights Don't Blog is curious to know what will be the next class hero for World of Warcraft. This is actually related to my Poll Question last week about A Possible WoW Class and the result and most voted class was the Monk. Since I started playing Ragnarok Online I had a Monk class, they are very powerful and great skills of martial arts. To give you details we will go ahead and theorycraft what spells, gears, build and more about Monks in general, Will it be worth having in for World of Warcraft Classes?

What is a Monk Class?

"They are well known the Masters of Martial Arts. Monks gain increased speed, attacks per round, high saving throws against special attacks, and immunities unique to the class as experience grows. Monks become increasingly difficult to hit because of their dexterity and armor class bonuses. Monks can gain high spell resistances, making them dangerous to mages, but, in some circumstances, can be overwhelmed when attacked by many enemies at once". 

  1. STRENGTH = One of the most important stats for Monks. Since it affects how much damage you can dish out. It affects your minimum and maximum damage too. It also affects your weight capacity so you can carry all the equipments (support equips, battle equips and some rotation too.) This is how it works (STR + Weapon Attack + Bonus + Weapon upgrades)
  2. VITALITY = This is only a support stats that will help your health points. But its an option if you want to be a Hybrid spec with pure VIT and STR. This stat adds to your defense. (VIT + Total Armor Defense).
  3. AGILITY = The partner of Vitality in making a defensive character. But Agility is more than that. Higher AGI means Faster Killing Time. (1 AGI = +1 Flee)
  4. DEXTERITY = This stat raises your accuracy and your minimum/maximum damage. (+1Dex means +1 Hit) same as the AGI-Flee but this stat counteracts that.
  5. INTELLIGENCE = This stats will take part into healing, because Monks secondary spec is like paladins they can heal too. Stat is helpful for Mana and Health regeneration.
  6. LUCK = This stat is very useful for those who are going for the CRIT MONK. Luck affects your avatar by; Crit chance: every (LUCK = +Critical, Every Critical = +Dodge).

Note: DEFENSE/ATTACK = Important pre-requisite skills for Monks. You must Max this skill because this will open the skill tree for monks. This skill also assist us by helping us to stay longer and reduce damages from undead and demon types of monsters.

 Ragnarok Online: Monk Class
Besides having the healing spells that will also be benefit for the Monk specs. Here below are the skills needed to be a perfect martial art Monk dude! Also credits to Ragnarok Online for making me understand better how to play a Monk 5yrs ago, Here are some special abilities of a Monk class.
  1. Iron Hand/Palm = Increases the damage done by Knuckle Class weapons and Bare Fists Passive skill, this is important mastery skill to add some extra damage.
  2. Spirit Cadence = Restores a certain amount of HP and Mana every 10 seconds based on skill level if your weight is over 50% then it will restore every 20 seconds Amount is increased with VIT and INT. also a Passive skill.
  3. Triple Attack/Raging Trifecta Blow = Deliver 3 blows by a low chance, After use, the caster cannot move for a short period, if Raging Quadruple Blow is used in conjunction with this skill, movement will be delayed even longer. DEX and AGI reduce the delay time. Passive skills the more chance of this skills will increase Attack power.
  4. Call Spirit/Summon Spirit Sphere = Summon spirit spheres. One spirit sphere lasts 10 minutes, the caster can summon a total of 5 spheres at once. Certain Monk skills require spirit spheres. This spell cannot be interrupted. 3 second casting delay DEX affects on the casting time. Consumes Mana. This requires Iron Hand.
  5. Chain Combo/Raging Quadruple Blow = A cooldown only usable during the delay time that occured Raging Trifecta Blow. deliver 4 blows on a target, the caster cannot move for a short period after use. If "raging thrust" is used in conjuction with this skill, movement will be delayed even longer. DEX and AGI reduce the delay time. Requires Triple Attack/Raging Trifecta Blow.\
  6. Combo Finish/Raging Thrust = Only usable during the delay after Raging Quadruple Blow. This is the Final touch of the Combo Skill. If the opponent is still standing..repeat steps 1-3 until satisfied.
  7. Finger Offensive/Throw Spirit Sphere = Throw spirit spheres to a target at a distance, This skill level affects on the number of spirir spheres that the caster can use at a time. casting cannot be interrupted, the casting time takes as much as (1second + the number of spirit spheres x1 sec) consumes 20 mana. Has a 0.5 delay time after a use. this is pretty much a Soul Strike. Mid-range attack or use before you clobber an opponent. It requires high INT.
  1. Pure Offense Monk = This build is more into Spirit, Int. that casts and Call spirits -Absorbs Spirits. This build works well and good for leveling.
  2. Combo-Asura Monk = Triple Blow -> Quad Bloq -> Way of Dragon -> Asura Strike Combo. This build is somehow "weak" in combo due to the low Iron Fist Mastery and Raging Trifecta Blow. Because of this you will depend on Elemental Firsts very much. This build seems to be forever due to that you will only feel the completeness of the guild and thats tough and too darn long. But it will depend on your STR very much.
  3. Defense Piercer Monk/Extermity Monk = This monk build concentrate on dishing high damage to monster with high defense that's why we got investigate here and also with high critical rate from critical explosion which ignore defense. A monk must have min 30 INT so we'll have more mana and more health points. This build is awesome in PvP.
  4. Hybrid Monk = This is a good build, as long as you have good amount of INT and AGI. Maybe equips that boosts INT and AGI can help you have that. In this build, after the Raging Tri/Quad blows. this build are finishers for the combos.
As far as gears goes I suggest having Monks some Cloth or Leather, and for weapons Fist weapons or Mace. They are equipped to mostly physical melee and is also required a lot of movements so these type of gears helps Monks move faster.

Anyway, I think That is it. and Hopefully this will be added to World of Warcraft classes, Monks are awesome! their skills can be as good as Rogues in game right now. Thanks for reading guys! writing this shared topic reminds me of me playing Ragnarok Online and really understand me better and easier for me to list down the spells, stats, build and gears. Please share your thoughts what is your ideal new class for the new expansion in World of Warcraft? For more details go and visit Blog Azeroth or Shadow over at Death Knight's Don't Blog. Have a good one!


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