Monday, May 2, 2011

Latest News: Remote Guild Chat, Osama Dead, and Tip of the day!

Hi guys, It's Monday, that means today I will talk about the latest news in World of Warcraft and a Random discussion about what's happening in the Real world too! after the discussion I will also leave you a tip of the day. Okay to start with our latest news in World of Warcraft, there are few of them but let's start with the new Remote Guild Chat application that can be download for iPhone and Android phones. Features includes armory, guild chat, mobile auction, calendar, and much more. this allow us to chat with guild mates even if you are not at home the good thing is you don't need to exchange phone numbers simply you can whisper in game using the guild remote application to let them know if you can't come or be late. It is a good tool, very handy indeed. So check it out guys if you haven't yet.

Another Breaking News since around 11pm last night. President Obama announced The Death of Osama Bin Laden. A sign of closure for all the family members who lost their loved ones during the September 11, 2001 incident, Pentagon destruction, Flight 93 and other Terrorism activities lead by Osama. The crowd of many Americans outside the White house and Ground zero and also in Time square in New York city were celebrating and shouting U.S.A!. It is a fact that Osama is dead. All I can say is good job to the elite team who risk their lives in a flawless operation to eliminate Osama, Excellent work to the CIA, President Obama, and U.S Military forces. The question remains of many people around the world too is that will this be the end of Terrorism? or Is it just the beginning of another war? but for now, Justice was done!

TIP OF THE DAY: Research, research, and research for any class specs, rotation, glyphs, enchants for your class, update your addons  so you won't get any errors in game. play safe and have fun!


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