Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 12: A usual day in my life/online time.

Hi guys, another day for 20 days WoW Blogging challenge over at Spellbound, I apologized for missing Day 12 post but here I am coming back to catch up. Today I will share about my usual day in my life or my online time. My usual days are not as good as others. Working overnights is not healthy in my opinion, My Sleeping routine is messed up. and I only eat once a day but with snacks sometimes. So to know more about it here goes...

Just to let you know ahead of time my schedule is like this, Fri-Sun I worked in a healthcare facility from 10pm to 6am in the morning. My Raiding Times are usually just Tue-Wed or sometimes we raid Mondays if we get enough people to raid, but usually just twice every week. and I blog mostly everyday as I follow my routine to keep my blog active, I tweet, take shower, brushing my teeth, and all that sort of things and of course spending time with my boyfriend, family and friends.

  • So, Mondays morning after coming from work I basically can't sleep even though I worked overnights because usually people are tired coming from work but trust me not me lol, It is more likely a habit that I just logged on and check my blog stats, read a few blogs, and tweet. And during the day before I go get some sleep around Noon I pretty much try to post something in my blog. I also try to logged on in game to check what's up with the guild, reading the guild forums and do my dailies.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday, pretty much same with Mondays but I am more focus to prepare anything I can before raid that means I am online most of the day playing WoW, like making pots with my rogue, farm more if needed, food, fishing, do dailies. Oh! and you might think I am not eating everyday I am! but usually I end up just eating once a day and pretty much some snacks with that while playing the game.
  • Thursdays, every twice a week its my pay day. So sometimes I call my friend to hang out with. nothing much except trying to draft a few posts for my blog for the next day too. I also try to do some laundry or clean the apartment (As I try doing it every week >.<). 
  • Fridays to Sundays, work days every weekend. but this coming Sunday May 15 is my last day of work, because I have to prepare for my move out of going back to Sacramento, CA. and as usual I post a topic based on my routine for my blog and tweet.

These are my usual days, I can tell you that I pretty much spend most of my time online. I only worked weekends part time because my back is bad. I can't handle doing full-time job yet as Doctor requested not to over do myself. I have 3 medication just for that, My job is not the greatest job of all. But it helps me survive to buy every day necessities i.e food, school stuff, or just things I need personally, and I always thank my boyfriend because he also helped me a lot through these years.

Anyway, I pretty much said enough of how my usual days go. But everyday is a new day! It may not be sometimes usual things you do, It is always interesting to try new things as well so I try to explore either real life adventures or online. To catch up on previous Saga of my 20 days WoW Blogging challenge over at Spellbound Check the Links below, Thanks! and Have a nice weekend guys! =D


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