Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Frustrations on Progression

Hi guys, another week for my wednesday dailies and achievements! Just thought to let you know what's up with my current guild and our progression. Since I joined Vagrants guild, it has been really great, we tease, laugh, socialize, raid together every week, run daily dungeons when we can and for me that is the kind of environment I chose to be with. No pressure at all, but like any other guild they are some ups and downs. Lately, we have been short of raiders to even form a 10 man group, it's kind of  frustrating and our current progression is really behind. As much as we want to push ourselves and do heroic it will not happen unless everyone will start logging in game and be online during raid nights.

We only raid twice a week Tue and Wed because that's the only available time people can play besides having to go to work, have children to take care of, and even going to school. That is one reason why the guild was created because they just want to raid casually. Totally understand that, but 4.2 is just around the corner with another raid dungeons coming up I don't know when we are able to explore it. Other members of the guild are starting to get really anxious to do heroics and getting really frustrated with other players not logging in to finish the normal content. The only bosses we need to progress are Nefarian and Al'akir.

My priest already downed Nefarian in 25 man when I was with Vanquish guild, the only Boss I needed to kill is Al'akir to get my Defender of Shattered World title. I hope before Patch 4.2 is released we can get these 2 bosses down. But despite the frustrations of other members knowing that we are behind on progression, we managed to level and got a guild achievement level 21, I am not giving up with this guild yet, I know there still many things we can do, and as being an officer I will try my best to help out.
Guild Level 21 Achievement
I also just purchased a domain to create an official website for the guild, because the old site was not used and officers of the guild can't access it because the site admin is not active in game to check the sites. So I decided to help out. We are currently recruiting for those who wants to join us. We raid 7pm-10pm (Central/Server Time) in Staghelm server. Classes we definitely need are Druid (Tank/Boomkin), Warlock, Death Knight (Tank), and any other class are welcome to apply. We need at least 1 of each classes at the moment to help our 10 man progression. and build a solid group to try out on heroics. 

Anyway, that is all I want to share this week's dailies and achievements. I just hope for the best of the guild that soon we can kill Nefarian and Al'akir before 4.2 at least in normal mode. I know we can do it! and Hopefully we can get some new recruits that will really help on our raid attendance. Thanks for reading and Have a good one!


  1. I can relate, my guild is in the same boat. Those of us that want to raid sign up & show up only to have the raid cancelled due to lack of raiders.

    Maybe the "Raid with other servers" will be a godsend, through blogs we can find guilds just like us and raid together.

  2. @Gamer's Fridge

    Hi girl, Thanks for dropping by! Yea hopefully Blizzard will thought about Raiding with other servers on 10 man content will be a miracle. the Real Id premium is one case but paying for it I disagree. Oh well we just hope for the best of what we can do for now.

    We are recruiting, just let me know if your interested to join and transfer! hehe but really though that is one thing I need to do for now is to recruit.


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