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Poll Question Review: WoW Premium Services

Hi guys, It has been talked, and discussed about WoW Premium services around the community this month, and millions of subscribers are either upset that they have to pay another feature that Blizzard wants to develop later this year and they are still working on it. Just thought to ask you Do you agree with it, Do you think this services is worth paying for? their objective for the features for players is to be able to have some type of other convenience and connectivity-oriented with cross-realm Real ID party system. A blue post by Zarhym quoted below in discussion in World of Warcraft forums.  
by: Zarhym
These are premium services added to better accommodate the wants and needs of players. They do not factor into what you get for buying the game/expansions and paying monthly for access to the serers. By no means do you need any of these premium services to enjoy World of Warcraft gameplay to the fullest extent. Should you desire to take advantage of some extra services to enhance your enjoyment of the game though, they're certainly there for you... if you feel it's worth the price.

We've made countless quality-of-life improvements to the game in terms of content, UI, data storage, character profiles, etc. We've expanded upon what you get for your monthly subscription by leaps and bounds since the game was first released, but the subscription price has not changed.

Everything we do and every service we add costs more money than you might realize. So, if we do occasionally add some premium services which are purely to give you more options for enjoying the game how you want (changing your realm, faction, race, name, physical appearance, etc.), we need to make sure there is an appropriate value added to those services so we can sustain them, sustain our business, and keep focusing on making this the best game possible. :) 
In my opinion, I agree of what Zahyrm said above, it is just optional services like what you pay of moving your characters in different servers, paying for vanity pets and other services. It is your choice if you want to pay for this services or not and Blizzard just thought about these feature just like any other developers out there to satisfy the needs of there costumers.

But of course some are opposed and doesn't agree with the services, you can't please everyone. So last week I put up a poll question about WoW Premium services at first I totally disagree and I don't want to pay any other services besides paying for my subscription monthly playing this game and just to play with your friends cross realm. but I realized It is not mandatory, it is just an option. and Honestly, I did spent over $300 in total just by moving my characters to different realm not just main toon but my alt toons as well, I also spent buying mounts and pets from Blizzard store and I didn't complain, that was my choice and it was my money that I spent not anyone's.

I will go ahead and tallied the votes here of the Poll question I asked last week started May 22,2011. Also This will be part of the upcoming Shared topic of Blog Azeroth started today and it's also related to Premium services by Corath of Corath's Blog

The Votes

I Agree - Pay to Raid with friends = 1 vote only (11%) Someone did vote that they agree to pay and play with friends cross realm for this services, I respect his/her decision on this because it is really up to you like I mentioned above its just an option.

I Disagree, Im not paying for any of that! = 10 total votes (90%) Of course, we can't please everyone and I bet Blizzard thought the same way. Yes this is another added feature for WoW players out there who wants to play with friends cross realm but the players who voted most in this poll question of the week doesnt want to pay the services, and that is obviously understandable. to know other responses of other players check the WoW Forums here on what they're thoughts about it too.

I think all results is done. I will not post any poll question this coming week, I apologized in advance for I will be really busy to pack for my move to California. and I might also missed some post daily. But I will make it up to you guys, and I am sure to be back on track on that. thanks for all the voters this week. you guys are awesome! Have a good one! don't forget to RT, suggestions and comments below! found me on my twitter @amerencelovewow. Thank you! =D


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