Friday, May 13, 2011

GoodBye Vanquish, Hello Vagrants!

Hi guys, As everyone noticed Blogger was having problems and they did a huge maintenance since 20.5 hours ago, and that's one of the reason why I wasn't able to post anything. But to caught up on things I like to share to you that I left my previous guild Vanquish in Staghelm server, The reason was not that I hate anyone in the guild but I just chose to be in a 10 man environment with Vagrants guild.

I applied in Vanquish to be a raider and raided with them for at least 3months but due of cutting down some classes because we had a lot of healers I was asked to get demoted to social it was also because I was having internet and disconnection issues and I don't want to let the guild suffer if we wipe, So I totally understand. 

I was a social member then, after few months past there was an opening and I reapply, glad they considered and I raided at least a month, but the problem was they asked me to dps so I changed spec to shadow, I was learning my class and did a decent job dpsing, but one shadow priest who had disconnection issues too came back and raid, so They had to demote me again because shes back and good to raid. I know what your thingking, I've been tosed around, promoted then demoted it kinda sucks, But I stayed cool and respect there decision.

While spending my time in Vanquish, I dont want to sit and wait. So I gained a few friends with Vagrants guild and told me they needed a shadow priest to run with for 10 man content So I took the offer, been running with them for close to 2months. I also realized that why stay in a guild if I am not raiding with them anymore besides just doing dailies and running heroics. 

So I decided to join Vagrants. The schedule and just runnigng 10 man for me was far more comfortable and I was having fun. I still love all the people in Vanquish and I will not forget them, it was one of the most welcomed guild I ever been since I was playing WoW besides my own guild that I managed back in Burning Crusade. I did not regret being in Vanquish, they did taught me a lot of things and I was able to play my class better.

I could have stayed longer in Vanquish but I was not having fun anymore, I noticed there was lack of team work, too much favoritisms, and no acknoledgement to the players who also put effort on helping the guild (like myself). So that was the downfall and people started to leave the guild, there was actually about close to 10 members who left before me, so I am hoping that the officers in the guild will let other members get involved more. and not just pick and choose who you run with. We are in a guild and Team work and get acquainted with each other will get us closer and will be successful in a long run.

Now, that I am in Vagrants guild. I am happy to just enjoy raiding with 10 man content, I know it could be a challenge but it will be a strong team to go and raid. It will be fun for sure. So I am excited and willing to help out Vagrants in everything I can. I am happy to be in a new guild and It is something I can look forward to each week, and Kill some end game bosses!

Also, I was trying out Rift MMO yesterday, So Far it looks great! and I love the quest line. its always interesting to explore new mmo game. I have yet to find out more of it in the upcoming days. Just don't want to lose my attention to World of Warcraft because it is still my number 1 mmo game. =D Have a good one guys!


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