Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Revisited Ulduar and It was Fun!

Hi guys, Today's Dailies and Achievements... as usual I finished all the daily reputation today, including cooking, fishing except I still have to run a few dungeons, but can't really dedicate all my time today in WoW because tomorrow I have my finals at school... been studying alright! Anyway, since it is obvious with my title what achievements I gotten this week it is from Ulduar 10 man. I raided with Vagrants guild this week to help them with their guild rep. and since they are running 10 man Ulduar might as well join since I needed a few achievements to complete the Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 player) achievement. So we managed to clear the bosses up until Yogg-Saron did a few times but it was getting late and we start to keep wiping and One Light Achievement is not a joke unless people know what they are doing. Anyway, here are some screenshot of achievements I got last night.

Still it was fun, revisiting the place bring back old memories when I used to run it in 25 mans with Eternal Sacrifice guild in Khaz Modan. We will finish the achievement on Monday hopefully I will finally get my Rusted Proto-Drake! Have a good one guys!


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