Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 15: Why did I chose My Background Desktop In my Computer?

Hi guys another day for 20 days WoW Blogging challenge by Saga over at Spellbound. Today is all about my Desktop Background Images and Why I chose it?. To explain to you why I choose these, it is obvious that I like Angels and Wings I also like anything that is Anime related to Bleach, and Like Fairies, Fantasy like creatures. I remember when I was growing up I love the movie Fern Gully. and I also dreamed about having them, since then I admire the art and I set them as my background and screensaver as they alternate. I have few collection in my database. but I will show you two of them that I loved most. Including my Phone's Wallpaper which is a Fairy sleeping.

Angel with White Wings
Angel with Dark Wings
Brought to you by Zedge Android App (Fairy Sleeping)
Anyway, Hope you like the Images I provided, probably one reason that I also switch being Shadow Priest now because of the Archangel spellthat My Human Priest can have her Dark Wings! its pretty! =D If you want to join for the 20days WoW Blogging Challenge over at Spellbound its still going and To catch up with the other Days of Challenge click Here.! Thanks guys and Have a good one! 


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