Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 8: 10 Things You don't know about Me

Hi guys, another day for 20 days WoW Blogging challenge over at Spellbound. This will be about 10 things that you guys don't know about me. I was thinking about sharing more than 10, because I admit there are plenty of it that you guys don't know about me, but of course I just don't like to tell you everything because that is just giving out all my information in the public eye, and you know how internet flows its pretty crazy! So to get you to know me a little bit here are the 10 things you guys don't know about me.
  1. I love to cook and experiment food, anything that is in the fridge I can try to come up with a dish. 
  2. I love dancing, I was a former dance troupe member for 11yrs back home in our University during high school and college. From ballroom, hip-hop, Jazz, folk dances. I am up for it.
  3. I am very practical of what I spend my money with. I am not a shopaholic, not really.
  4. I love baking cakes & eat sweets (but I have to limit myself because Diabetes runs in the family)
  5. I Crosstiched (but I stopped doing it like 5years ago, and until this day I was not able to finish my Angel Cherub pattern, but I will finish it someday.)
  6. I love Scrapbooking (instead of buying expensive materials I pretty much recycle out of  used book/magazine. and also collected 100+ stationaries)
  7. I collect all greeting cards, even holiday, birthday tags in one box from people who loves me and giving me gifts and I have tons!
  8. I used to join beauty pageants since during my elementary, high school and even college days (senior year of high school picture revealed when I joined). 
  9. I Sing, yes singing in the shower! who does that?! Me! lolx (but seriously though I love Karaoke.)
  10. I collect cans, beer bottles, anything that can be recycled to get some extra cash saved for my car's gas. (for the beer bottles Its from my boyfriend, I never drink and smoke.)
Senior HS omg lmao!
Okay, well I just revealed most of what you don't know about me. /shy but its good at least you know from here what kind of person I am in real life. besides me playing an online games. I know I do a lot huh? for extra extra I post here a picture of me during Senior High school wearing a black gown, I represent our School against other branches of University back home. and yea, I'm still so thin there omg! lolx Anyway, before I embarrassed myself more that is it for today guys! Hope you guys have a good friday and weekend. Please don't forget to like my facebook page and vote for my poll question of the week. Thanks! If you want to catch up with the other Days for my 20 days WoW Blogging Challenge over at Spellbound check the links below;


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