Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shared Topic: Top 5 Food for MMOgamers

Hi guys, This is a shared topic of mine for Blog Azeroth on May 16-22, I just thought to post this ahead of time, To let the readers have an idea how it works. This is was originally posted by Me over at Christine's Blog (since I moved to a new site might as well repost it here). Anyway, I know most of MMOGamers munch something in real life while playing a game. So I am curious to know what your Top 5 Food that you recommend. I want the  participants on this shared topic to be artistic and explain why? Make a pyramid or whatever that you like and the Top of it will be your no. 1 and so on. you can also put some images of food and 2 or more food as you rate them.

I can't wait to read your replies, this is just for fun and out of curiosity. So to let you know what mine looks like here it is below; Take note: These foods are optional and the one's I choose is just personal preference it is still recommended to eat healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, rice or even meat. Also it good to eat before sitting down and play for hours, spend time to eat with your family or friends is best! =)

  1. My first top food is Pizza it's affordable, easy to eat, delivered or pick up its good choice for any mmo gamers to eat while gaming. some even prefer it cold or even left over.
  2. Second are Muffins or Cup cakes that's because I love to bake and If I have plenty of time before I raid I baked some for my snacks.
  3. Icecream or Cornflakes is always a good choice too, easy to prepare. Especially the Banana split or just plain Vanilla Ice cream will be enough to satisfy me while playing WoW.
  4. Fast Food, sometimes we tend to get lazy and unable to cook anything for dinner or lunch and especially if you came from work or school. Fast food is a way to go, it doesn't have to be burgers, Fast Food chains serve Chicken Salads, Even a Yogurt, or Fruit shakes.
  5. Chips and Salsa or Cookies, like any other easy to prepare food these are good choice too because you can always plan of buying them ahead of time like if you go to do your groceries. Cookies can last few days to eat and same with the chips, or you can also bake some cookies yourself ahead of time, who couldn't resist the aroma when you eat fresh cookies right? 
Anyway, For those who like to use the pyramid format I have click here to get the image, just resize it if you want. Thanks again! I hope you will enjoy the upcoming week for this Shared Topic over at Blog Azeroth. Have a good one!

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