Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Pug Zul Aman, Guess what happen?

Hi guys I did mention on my last dungeon run that my only free time to run another dungeon was after my finals this week, Good News! I passed my Psychology class. and I finally got my Zul'Aman done. It was fun despite the pug group I ran with was not doing a good job, I had to actually explain every boss fight to them because they have not been there even during Burning Crusade. But it was okay at least they are very good listeners and was able to got the first couple bosses down, but when we did after 3 of them they starting to leave, after they gotten their loots, I know right? sigh. I got a few loots myself too but I really don't need it since I already got some 359 item level equipped but I like the robe in ZA they are sexy. Here are the two items I got from a quest and last boss.

My experience in this new Zul'Aman adventure was fun, but I hate to say that the Bosses was so easy to deal with but I fcking hate the trash! in the pug run today we actually keep wiping on trash and one shot bosses it was funny. but the last boss was a pain in the butt too. The Tank even whispered me this...and I told him >.< tell me about it because on the last boss I think we wiped like 3 times. I was top dpser, second was the tank and sadly the hunter and then the rogue, to think the tank was doing more than the 2 dpsers.

It was crazy, but at least we managed to get it done! trial and error as others were still learning the fight it was okay, but its sad when you know you expect too much that you thought everyone knows the fight and then when the fight starts no one has an idea how the encounter will go. Is it advisable to read strategies before queing themselves to run a dungeon? I think so, or at least have an experience because not only does it slows down the run, time is ticking that you expecting the run will be over not longer than an hour. because really though the place was a joke.

Guild progression this week is just about the same. Vanquish is still working so hard on heroic modes... I just hope that everyone will put more effort in clearing the content before another raid dungeons coming up for patch 4.2 is it too late for another progression to rise? No, because the raid dungeons will still be there unless they are really planning to go and raid 7 days a week right? I think they are just doing whatever they can and get it over with. I support them and wish them luck all the time. Also I am not bragging or anything but I was surprised with my damage output in Bastion Twilight with guildies today I did over 30K in Halfus fight. and when I logged back online this evening I actually forgot to equip my Cloak! I was wearing the Guild Heartstone like that ports you to Stormwind lolx. but I was doing a great job on damage! haha! I had to leave the raid though so I put my toon outside the instance.

That is it for today's Guild progression and Dungeon updates. Until tommorow for another adventure, I am actually thinking of doing some STV new quests and more.. for those who are new visiting my site please don't forget to vote this week's poll question. and my blog has a facebook page now please click Like! Thank you and Have a good one!


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