Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 13: People (players/bloggers) that I admire

Hi guys, another day for 20 days WoW Blogging challenge over at Spellbound, Day 13 is all about the People I admire. These are people that I looked up to, inspired by there stories and also not just related to wow blogging community or players but also real people that I consider a family and friends. I will just list it by categories as Real Life, In Game, and Bloggers.

First of the list who I admire is my Mom, When my Mom was giving birth of me, she lost a lot of blood, because my feet was coming out first and not my head, so the doctor had to do a C-section. The doctor told my Dad that its either me or her will be alive if she can't get enough blood so Dad donated a lot of blood for Mom, and Thank God! it was a miracle that both of us that day lived. Since then I admired my Mom being a strong women as she has always been and despite the hardships She made as a single Mom to raise my brother and I after her and Dad divorced when I was still in grade school, I admire her because she always make sure we eat 3 times a day, she always pray for our safety and besides being miles away from her, she still hopes for our best. 

She has Type 2 diabetes and I am helping her with her medications, every pay check I made I send her money so she can go to the doctor to check up. I love her so much. and I am thankful that I was born in this world because of her. I know that this story is too personal for me but I just want to share that My Mom is always been number 1 supporter, and She is the best Mom in the whole wide world, I miss her so much.

    Second in my list is a friend of mine. I known her for over a year now let's just call her Susy, her age is 62 yrs old and been working as a healthcare provider for close to 40yrs of her life. She is very sweet women, very kind, honest and very down to earth. I kinda consider her as my grandma, I admire this women because after she was raped during her high school days. She raised her children very well as a single Mom, She has a daughter that is now a Lawyer and a son who is in US Military and is deployed to Afghanistan too. and both has there own family now too, Susy has 4 grand children that she loves so much. 

    She stopped working just 6months ago because she's been having problems with her heart and lungs and she needed to have an oxygen on all the time. despite her health problems and all, I admire her strength and do most of every day stuff to support herself and is contented of just being in a retirement home. As she was telling me her story, I know how hard she's been through all these years. All I was hoping for her is that her children needs to realize that there Mom did her best to them and I think its time that the children will do the same to take care of Susy. As a friend I always invite her to eat out every other Thursday. I always call her so she has someone to talk too. Overall, I love this women. and She inspired me to do whatever it takes just to survive.

    I admire one of my officer in my previous guild Vanquish his name is Iban, he always try to accomplish something by helping the guild's reputation, guild achievements and other stuff for the guild. I admire his commitment despite taking a lot of that time from his real life schedule. I even run a few dungeons with him like AQ, Sunwell few classic raids and dungeons to help out as well. He is a very good officer and he always listens and suggests anything other members concerns either raiding issues, attendance etc. I hope all officers are like that. he is such a cool person. and I admire him for that.

    One of the greatest blogger in the community and well known for his success as a guild master of Conquest in Nerzhul server, and author of World of Matticus, No Stock UI, and moderator of Plush Heal, Blog Azeroth and other known World of Warcraft community sites, Matticus or Matt his passion of writing and blogging gives me a push to blog as well, admires me a lot of me thinking if anyone can do that maybe I can too. But I know its far beyond reach how he does it.. but we always start somewhere right? His Guild Management site and Healing strategies, guides and ideas in WoW community for healers such as myself really helps my character in game know how to play better and as a raider as well. His writing inspired me to start my own blog for priest. and now he also started his podcasting on Matticast, really great hosts there to listen what there opinions on latest news in the community. He also works for Enjin hosting site check it out! Overall, Matt admired me with his commitment and determination, Thank you Matt and Keep up the good work!

    Anyway, That is it for today guys, Just want to let you know that I also admire the new bloggers out in the community now a days seems like a lot of them check the list over at Twisted Nether Wiki for more info, Thanks for reading and If you still want to participate for the 20 days WoW Blogging challenge over at Spellbound by Saga check it out! and if you want to catch up on my previous Day Challenge Check the links below. If you miss my other 20 days of WoW Blogging challenges please click here or check my navigation bar on top for easier access. Thanks and Have a good one!


    1. There's no secret to it at all. The method to being awesome is simply working hard. It's not easy contributing to multiple sites and different communities. Opportunities don't just come strolling down the street despite what players and bloggers may think. You have to work hard to get what you want. There's no free rides especially when it comes to what we do ^^.

      Success is working harder a minute longer than the other guy.

    2. @Matticus Heya Sir! thanks for dropping by! Yes Totally Agree with you there! Gotta Work Hard! and Harder to be Successful in anything you do! =D


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