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Interface, Addons, and Poll question of the week reviews.

Hi guys, I apologized for unable to post anything yesterday , I went to a friends house for a bridal shower party and I stayed over until I had to go to work overnights. Anyway, to make up with you all I will go ahead and post 2 of my daily topics for this week. Note: Day 3 and Day 4 response for the 20 days Wow Blogging challenge over at Spellbound will be posted in two separate blog post. Thank you!
  1. Yesterday Sat: Addons/Interface Reviews
  2. Today: Sun: Poll question review

Since Wrath of Lich King expansion came out, I was searching a lot of minimalistic interface for World of Warcraft, I used so many but when I discover "Tukui" I was amazed! the configuration and installation was so easy! its very user friendly and it actually decreases your frame per seconds (latency) in game for better game performance, and doesn't take any much memory used for your game and pc because all the addons used for this interface is a compilation and doesn't need updates once installed and used for any type of role in game (healer, tank or dps). And besides the interface itself, it is very compact, very organized. I also added a few addons that I always used in game since few years back. take note that the addons I added with the interface I used needs updates. If you want to know more about Tukui's interface please visit there official website.

My Inteface using Tukui =D

Here are my addons that I added with my interface, I am a addon junkie and if there is something new I always try them, these addons help me play better, some players think its not epic enough to play with addons they rather not use any and they will think that they are better players, I think in my opinion its just a choice. I admit I was a clicker during Burning Crusade I am an old school player and even now I still do click sometimes, but with addons it helps better during raids especially when healing, having good raid frames and mouse over buttons makes a big difference. Anyway, all my addons are download from Curse or WoWInterface. and if I had to update them I used WoWmatrix. In alphabetical order are the addons I used and they are all ready for Patch 4.1.
  1. Atlasloot - I used this addon to know the latest updates and great collection of gears for pve and pvp in game, its very handy because not only shows you what dungeon the gears are from but also specifically listed per which boss, This addon not only gives information about the gears but can also be used for trade skills from about what mats to use for certain items like making potions and enchanting.
  2. AuctionLite - This addon has its best features for auctioning, buying and selling for mostly any items in game, easy to use and can keep track of lowest bids of items, it is actually lite yet a powerful tool to use, the tooltip shows you disenchants, vendor, auction prices too!
  3. Deadly Boss Mods - As always been a great help on boss timers for raiding purposes, definitely recommended to have, there are some that you can use too like Bigwigs, they both have same functionality. 
  4. Easy Mail - I love this addon not only helps me gather all the auction profits, items in just 1 click, and storing character names or for someone you want the items send to. its very useful especially for your bank toons.
  5. Fishing Buddy - I also like this addon so easy to keep track what fish in what pool area your going to , easy reapplying your lure, timers and more.
  6. Multishot - Its a achievement camera that takes screenshots every time you get an achievement great to store and configure what achievements you like to auto shot. its great!
  7. Omen Threat Meter - Definitely a must have for any raiders or even just for players who tanks, dps and healing dungeons. it is a requirement to know your threat status to avoid aggro from boss damage, of course who wants to get one shot dead by the boss in game lolx, gotta watch out! like one of the addon's sound features "Run little girl, Run!".
  8. Power Auras - This addon works wonders! I love this especially that I am now a dpsing really helps me a lot to keep track of my own buffs around my characters, because of the glowy effects 3d drawings, it is one way of looking at the most important buffs besides looking at other buffs in your buff/debuff frames. 
  9. Skada Damage meters - I just recently used this addon besides of me used Recount for the longest time, Recount was not updated and is not working in this patch 4.1. Skada works just fine and they have same functionality when tracking damage output and healing.
  10. TipTac - This addon is for my tooltips, it helps me move it wherever I want so it will not cover my interface frames. it has a lot of functionalities besides moving the tooltip to a different area but also shows buffs and debuffs of the target, also gives out information like specs,talent and color identification if its an enemy or not when you target a player.
  11. Vudho - Last but not the least, my raid interface.. besides World of Warcraft display of raid frames Vuhdo has more features that makes it exceptional and very user friendly, you can configure the size and fonts, mouse over functions, trinkets, and more. I recommend it for all healers out there too. besides this addon there are some similar raid frames you can use which I also recommend like Grid (has not updated for this patch 4.1 yet) and X-perl.
For those wondering besides having Tukui interface and with all these addons I added does it take too much memory, honestly No, I only used about 18.38mb and My game performance is great! Anyway, hope you can use these addons I definitely recommend them especially for priests out there. =D


The Poll question was all about Patch 4.1, I asked if Are you prepared? I am prepared for the patch because I did research and read a lot of blogs just to get some tips from them what to do, I sell some stuff I don't need that way I can earn some gold because when patch release the prices in the auction will be lowered then, getting extra profit from it is great. 

From the results, this week only 5 8 votes total probably some people still hasn't discover my blog and did not see my poll question. For those who vote thank you, it did show that most votes this week is 6 voted "Yes, I am prepared" and 2 vote for "No, not really" and 0 "Maybe". Anyway, that is all for this post guys, again I apologized for missed day of not posting anything. but I did mention this in my plans if ever I can't post for the day I promised to make it up the next day, So I did... hope to hear any feedbacks from you! Have a good one! =D


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