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Poll Question Review: What do you think of the Priest Tier 12 set bonus?

Hi guys, The Poll is Ended. My Review of last week Poll Question was all about the Priest Tier 12 set bonus for Healer and Shadow 2pc and 4pc. This Poll has nothing to do with the new changes made last 2 days ago, because I didn't expect the changes coming. So I will just go ahead and tallied the votes what other priest thought about it my question. I will also post here the OLD Priest Tier 12 set bonus for both specs. and a great information shared by Oestrus of The Stories of O about the New Changes of the Priest Tier 12 set bonus check it out! 

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  • Holy/Discipline 2 Pieces - Your Flash Heal, Heal, and Greater Heal spells cause you to regenerate 2% of your base mana every 5 sec for 15 sec.
  • Holy/Discipline 4 Pieces - You have a chance when you cast a helpful spell to summon a Cauterizing Flame. Friendly raid and party members can use the Cauterizing Flame to be instantly healed for 4625 to 5375. Lasts for 45 sec sec or 10 charges. After using the Cauterizing Flame, players cannot benefit from it again for 10 sec.
  • Shadow 2 Pieces - Your Shadowfiend deals 20% additional damage as Fire damage and its cooldown is reduced by 75 sec.
  • Shadow 4 Pieces - While you have Shadow Word: Pain, Devouring Plague, and Vampiric Touch active on the same target you gain Dark Flames, which reduces the cooldown of Mind Blast by 3 sec.

  • Just Fine = Total Votes was 4 (28%) Other Priest thought the old bonus of the Priest Tier 12 set bonus was just fine for both spec healing and shadow. As a healer myself my first reaction was the regeneration of my mana by 2% is great, because using both Flash Heal and Greater Heal spells alone was expensive to use too. Heal doesn't bother me much for 2pc and 4 pc set bonus will help a lot on upcoming raids 4625 to 5375 healing is good. As a shadow, I always use my shadowfiend at the start of the fight, having 20% additional damage for 2pc helps, and the reduced cooldown that is awesome but what worries me is because its fire damage does that affect the immunity of the fire monsters? 4pc bonus for shadow is just fine.
  • Acceptable = Total Votes was 2 (10%) Other priest thought about the bonus is just acceptable. Acceptable for both specs. 
  • I dont like the set bonus at all = 4 (28%) For some reason didn't expect that other Priest will thought about that the old set bonus is not good enough? probably because of the cooldowns? charges? and not enough benefits to utilize all our healing and shadow spells to be of use for gearing our priest? probably just not what they expect the set bonus would be.
  • Well Done and its perfect = 6 (68%) There is no doubt that most of the Priest who voted said that the set bonus for 2pc and 4 pc is great. No questions about it, simply put Blizzard has made the Priest set bonus great for Tier 12 on upcoming Patch 4.2. So far in my opinion I have no complains at all.

Well 2 days ago there was a minor changes on Tier 12 for Priest 2 pc set bonus and 4 pc bonus. Didn't see it coming and conflicted my Poll Question of the week. but I will just go ahead and post the NEW Changes here and share my thoughts about it as well.
  •  Holy/Discipline Priest 2-Piece: Now also triggers from casting Prayer of Mending.
  •  Holy/Discipline Priest 4-Piece: Old bonus removed and replaced -- You have a chance when you cast a helpful spell to summon a Cauterizing Flame at the target’s location. Each second the Cauterizing Flame will heal an injured party member within 20 yards for 9250 to 10750 health. Lasts 5 seconds.
  •  Shadow Priest 2-Piece: Now requires the priest to be in Shadowform to be active.

My Initial thoughts about the changes was Hmm!? Why change? Oestrus of The Stories of O shared a great information of What she thought about the new changes check it out. The new changes have some great things though especially the 20 yards healing the injured party member for 9250 to 10750 health and for me that helps, especially when moving around and you see members injured using the Cauterizing Flame is great on 4pc set bonus. But like any other Priest out there they are also worried about stats wise will it get affected? I need to read more about the new changes for the set bonus, and for me I wouldn't worry too much about it because honestly since I only raid twice a week and getting these tier will be hard in my case. but for those raiding in 25 man Goodluck to you! Hopefully 4.2 for Priest will be great for everyone to Enjoy! Have a good one guys!


What do you think of the new Hair styles for the upcoming 4.2? I was hoping there are changes in all classes but I am curious what other people say about it. Thanks! Please vote now it will be located just below the Featured video of the week.

-Great Hair styles
-Need more styles, IMO
-Don't Like the Hair styles at all


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