Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekly Addon Review: Easy Mail from Cosmos

Hi guys, Weekly I featured great addons that is useful for my priest and for you guys to check it out. Today is about the Easy Mail Addon by Yarko from Cosmos. I will go ahead and share a video for you, I apologized for my english its my third language, and its my first time reviewing using a video to try out my fraps again since its been a while I wasn't able to use it. so here it is please post any suggestions and comments below. Thanks!

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Thanks for watching guys! I apologized for the quality of the video, its kinda blurry after uploading it, hope this review helps though! I know its just a quick one. Don't forget to retweet and share to your friends. post comments and suggestions if you want me to review another addon next week. Have a good one guys! =D


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