Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger is Back, I hope so!

Hello guys, Today's Friday random post, is all about Blogger. Blogger authors was frustrated since Wednesday night, we we're having problems of not able to post anything, and can't logged on our dashboard. Everyone is curious what's wrong? This is what happened stated on Today's blogger buzz.

"Here’s what happened: during scheduled maintenance work Wednesday night, we experienced some data corruption that impacted Blogger’s behavior. Since then, bloggers and readers may have experienced a variety of anomalies including intermittent outages, disappearing posts, and arriving at unintended blogs or error pages. A small subset of Blogger users (we estimate 0.16%) may have encountered additional problems specific to their accounts. Yesterday we returned Blogger to a pre-maintenance state and placed the service in read-only mode while we worked on restoring all content: that’s why you haven’t been able to publish.  We rolled back to a version of Blogger as of Wednesday May 11th, so your posts since then were temporarily removed. Those are the posts that we’re in the progress of restoring."

So, hope the fix is good enough that none blogger users will change there minds of moving to different sites, I myself personally like Blogger and based on my personal preference since I moved back here from Wordpress,  Blogger is surely less customization and actually auto verified by Google. But if it keeps going on like this as much as I hate moving to different site well see what happens. I tried many blog sites out there. Blogger and Wordpress are the best ones so far. But this is not about comparing both in my opinion, both has its use let's just put it that way. And as long as I can post something thats good enough for me. Have a good weekend guys! and Enjoy Blogging! =D


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