Monday, May 2, 2011

Poll Question of the Week: A Possible Class for WoW?

Hi guys, I just want to share this thought of having a possible addition to World of Warcraft classes, What do you think would be next? I have selected 4 possible classes that has history and powerful classes for World of Warcraft. I will put a description below what they are, full list of MMORPG Classes click link! 

Monk - They are well known the Masters of Martial Arts. Monks gain increased speed, attacks per round, high saving throws against special attacks, and immunities unique to the class as experience grows. Monks become increasingly difficult to hit because of their dexterity and armor class bonuses. Monks can gain high spell resistances, making them dangerous to mages, but, in some circumstances, can be overwhelmed when attacked by many enemies at once. 

Minstrel - "Minstrel are people who have dedicated their lifes to learning different musical instruments. They don't use spells, but instead can cause amazing things to happen through their music. When playing their instruments they use "Mana," when they have no more mana they have to let it regenerate before they can play again."

Pirate - "Pirates are quite rare in the realms of Sharune, though the few that still exist often sail in the bay of blood, spreading terror through raids and plunderings. They are the rulers of the seas and their skills deal with sailing ships, navigating as well as naval combat. They are also very competent fighters that prefer the use of scimitars or falchions."

Bard - "Through the ages, those who enjoy making music and telling stories have been among us. But within that special segment of the populace lies a more select group, those who have discovered the secrets of altering physical reality with music and words, the true bards. The source of a bard's power is in his or her ability to make the world respond to certain sounds and songs. Bards can also be quite adept at hunting and fighting, as their frequent travel generally requires them to be self-sufficient."

Anyway, Hope to hear any thoughts from you guys.. The Poll is located in my sidebar widgets, just below My Daily Plans every week box It is now moved just below the Featured Video of the Week. Thanks again! and Have a good one! =D


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