Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gears, Guild, Raid and More!

Hi guys, I know it's been a week since I came back to gaming and blogging. Just thought to share that my first week raiding with my guild Vagrants in Staghelm server was okay. At first I thought since it's Tuesday I might not able to get a spot to raid with them but I did. We cleared the bosses up until Ragnaros, of course as I learned the mechanics of the fight while watching all the Tankspot videos, still I have to ask our raid leader to give me an overview on how my guild does it because different guild has different strategies and especially in 10 mans because we have to adjust the position and assignments.

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I am a little frustrated with myself Tuesday night because we wipe 3times on Ragnaros and I think it was because of me, I keep dying but I told them and apologized that it was my first attempt with the boss and coming back to raid again after a month seems so overwhelming to me. I know they understand me and telling me it wasn't my fault. they said "We started as an off night". But I still told our GM that I can step out and get a replacement to dps instead of me. So a warlock logged on and they moved on. After an attempt I asked if they have killed Ragnaros they said they did not.


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I know that my guild worked so hard to clear the content, and having someone new to the group they get frustrated because they do want to clear it in one night because if not it will be a waste of time wiping, So I totally understand that. But sometimes we can't just expect that every night is always a smooth run. there are nights that are good sometimes bad. I myself is not a perfect player and I know I am competitive, I was under geared compare to them, so I can only pull enough dps based on my current stats and gear, but I know I admit that me dying in raid should not be an excuse to cause a wipe I know that I can do better than that, It was just a rough night for me and the guild because we did start raiding late waiting for everyone to logged on and not having the core raiders to clear it. 

But anyway, despite all the qq's and frustration about the run I am happy 
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that I got a few upgrades for myself to share, I know I still have long ways to get all the gears that I wanted for an upgrade but for one night having all of these makes me happy and satisfied. I didn't want to be greedy that night but since they said it's okay and no other clothies to compete with that needs them It was given to me. So here are the list of the gears I got in one night including my first Tier 12 of the night. Wings of FlameHeartstone of RhyolithMantle of Closed DoorsEmbereye BeltVestment of the Cleansing Flame.

I enchanted them, gemmed and everything is in place trying to reforge everything to get my stats back and practiced on a dummy how much I can pull, I think with the upgrades I got from that run will help boost my dps even more so I am happy with that. Besides having to end my night with great loots, I also got the Tabard of the Achiever achievement, It was actually unexpected after wearing my Ironforge tabard it just pop infront of my screen that I gained the achievement and a mail waiting in my inbox for an Epic Tabard.

Anyway, Thanks for reading guys! also just a question for all of you. How are you doing with your raiding/progression and gear upgrades? Have you completed your Tier 12 yet? I am thankful to my guild for understanding me. Have a great day! =)


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    Heya hon, Thanks for dropping by. Just thought to share what's up with my guild after raiding with them again after a month. I thought I will be kicked out from the guild haha! Anyway, really trying my best to get my gears upgraded because I know Im so behind. Anyway, Thank you again!


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