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Shared Topic: Dear Pandaren, What class should I role?

Hi guys! This week's Shared Topic Idea is brought to you by Yourstruly over at Blog Azeroth for Nov.7-13, 2011. Just thought to share this idea about knowing What class are you playing with the new race Pandaren on the new upcoming expansion (Mists of Pandaria)?. I know most players are excited to role as a Monk, but there are lots of options to choose from, Are you going to be a Pandaren healer, melee, caster dps or a tank? Please share your thoughts!

My first choice is going to be a Pandaren Monk. Why I choose this? It is simply because it's a new class and it fits right to play it with the Pandaren race. Pandaren maybe fat and very cuddly but they can be powerful like any other classes available right now. Monk is a melee type class and they will not be called "Masters of Martial Arts" if they don't know how to kick, punch and cast magic right?  I am one of those players out there that is excited to welcome the new class and the new race to play once the new expansion comes live.
My second choice would be a Pandaren Shaman Healer. Why I choose this? I've been meaning to really level a shaman before Cataclysm was released, but just been really difficult for me at that time to level 2 alternate characters when I was also trying to level my mage at the same time. So I focus myself on my mage and ignored my shaman until level 17, also I couldn't afford to buy any gears to catch up to the end game content to provide anything for my alternate characters and my priest, but now that I am motivated to level another alt besides my druid that I just started 2days ago, I will definitely level this class after the monk one. How about you?

The last choice I had in mind is the Pandaren Fire Warrior. Why I choose this? I am very curious about the tank warriors, having a Pandaren with this class will be an awesome choice for me since Pandaren are strong with Strength, resistance, Stamina and stats needed as a tank. Master weapon of handling swords are great as well. I never had a warrior before and I know that they could be hard to level but maybe that will change now, since we will be leveling in a new zone in Pandaria.

Anyway, I can't wait to read your thoughts about this as well. Maybe one of your choices could either be a mage, priest, or could be a hunter who knows? I know that we haven't really seen images about the female pandaren and how they look like since Blizzard hasn't release anything about that yet. I am excited what hair styles they will have, I know some creative artists out there been sharing thoughts what the female pandas will look like but what really caught my eye is this image that could possibly be what a female pandaren will look like. What do you think?

So far, bloggers and other great wow community sites are talking about the new upcoming expansion that give us great information everyday of what to expect, giving us tips and advice. I hope you also liked the images I put up today they are animated for your entertainment. Anyway, If you want to participate on this week's Shared Topic for Nov.7-13, 2011 visit Blog Azeroth Forums for more information or link back here for your replies. Thanks guys! until next time! =D


  1. I would be very happy if that's what female pandaren would look like! Cute!

    I'm probably going to make a Pandaren Monk first. And then... probably many more. XD


  2. I've not decided what I'm going to do with the beginning of the expansion yet. Whether I want to level all the way to 8..90 from 0 again, or if I want to continue on my hunter.

    The pull towards Pandaren side is strong however (SWTOR Pun not intended).

    You know an old childrens TV show just came to mind... "Super Duper Sumos". That's what the Panda's reminded me of XD

    - Jamin

  3. @andallofthem

    Heya hon, Thanks for dropping by. For the most part is I'm sure it's the first choice of all Pandaren Monk. But when I asked my boyfriend if he is going to role a Pandaren Monk when the expansion release he said No, not yet until he is done leveling his other toons because everyone is leveling a Pandaren Monk so I think it's probably because it's too crowded for sure. But he will eventually. Hehe!

    The Female Pandaren yes it's cute. That was art and edited by Lulu of Echo Isles. There are a lot of Female Pandaren concepts out there, very skilled and creative artists are doing a great job on that. so Thank you awesome artists! =)

  4. @Jamin

    Thanks for dropping by hon, I totally understand that you have not yet decided to play in the beginning of the expansion a lot of players don't, like I was telling @andallofthem and my boyfriend said it could be very crowded he rather plays his alt characters first then level a new race and class.

    Hmm, I haven't saw that TV show maybe I missed it somehow? what I remember growing up are the e-woks haha! they are not pandas but they are cute! also of course the movie Kung Fu Panda. =)

  5. Aww, what cute little panda animations!

    I'd seen that possible female pandaren art also, and I must say I also approve, though I am generally not very content playing larger model races. Feels too slow!

    Don't be afraid to level a warrior though, it's really quite easy! Victory Rush is amazing for solo questing and really cuts back on downtime, and prot aoe is pretty powerful!

  6. @group5gal

    Heya hon, thanks for liking the panda animations! searched Google Images works all the time! hehe Anyway, I understand you about not generally very content of playing larger model races. i.e Tauren and this Pandaren too, but that might change when you try playing Pandaren in the next expansion because Pandaren Monk for example, and Monk as a class needs lots of Agility so it shouldn't be slow.

    About the Warrior Thanks for encouragement I will probably will someday, too many alt characters to level don't even know where to start haha! I agree with you Warriors are powerful. I also noticed that there are not much Warrior bloggers out there, Mostly just priests, druids, mages, warlock and rogue. So hopefully if I do level a warrior I can get more information to help me out.

    Anyway, Thanks for dropping hon. I appreciate it! Have a good one! =)

  7. Nice work on the post! As far as playing larger races, well, I miss playing as a Tauren all the time. I am somewhat bummed that Pandaren won't be able to be druids, but I am sure I will find something I can live with as a class.


    Heya Thanks for dropping by, Thanks for liking the post too. As far as Pandaren not having to role a druid, that made me sad too. because I just started to level a druid would be nice to do it as a Pandaren but unfortunately there is no class available for it, it sucks. oh well! at least there are still some other classes we can play with the Pandaren. Good Luck in choosing what class to role with your Pandaren on the upcoming expansion! =)

  9. The obvious choice seems to be Pandaren monk, new class, new race like you said, though I kinda like the idea of the Pandaren warrior to be honest. Myself don't think I will be rolling a pandaren, all my character slots are currently filled, and I can't bring myself to deleting an existing toon

  10. @Ceraphus

    Heya! Thanks for dropping by hon. Yes, obvious choice is the Pandaren Monk. but I totally understand if you can't role a pandaren anytime soon unless you have enough space for another character to play. and I hear ya, It's hard to delete one character if you know you already started leveling it. Anyway, Good Luck to you, hopefully someday you can play a Pandaren Monk. =)

  11. Great post :)

    I hope we get more character space cause I want to level some new characters, not just race change them. I'm looking forward to the monk, but I think I want a male tauren monk, cause that would be totally awesome :D

    But I really want a pandaren, it's just that the only class I'm missing is a warlock, and I don't want a pandaren warlock. Maybe I'll level a new priest or something. I'm not really sure :P

  12. @syrco

    Heya hon, Thanks for dropping by. I understand about not having enough character slots, there are quiet a lot of race and classes to choose from, sometimes I don't even know what to start, and yea I had played a warlock on my friends account before they really are fun to play. So Good Luck to you in leveling a warlock! and maybe a pandaren too in the future! =)

  13. Will def be a panda monk! I can't wait to see how many of us will be in the starting area after xpac first hits!

  14. I haven't thought of it much yet. I know eventually I'll have a panda monk because that's just awesome. I was telling my husband that if they made panda's able to be druids, I would race change :) But noooooo!

    I'll have to go do this shared topic!!

  15. I expect I will play a Pandaren Monk on the Beta to get a feel for if I a) want to have a Pandaren character and b) like the Monk class.

    Then I guess depending on what I decide, will either make a Pandaren Monk when the expansion goes live - or a Human Monk and/or a Pandaren .

    Whether I'll play a Pandaren "for real" will probably end up depending a lot on how I like the female looks and animations. I never really got used to Worgen, and never really cared for one. I'm hoping Pandaren will be different :)

  16. @Chatmay
    Thanks for dropping by, Good Luck to you in playing a Panda Monk once the expansion goes live.

    @Reluctant Raider
    Heya, Thanks for dropping by, Yea a lot was disappointed when druids cannot play the Pandaren race, I was too. but oh well! Anyway, Good Luck to you and I am looking forward to read your thoughts on the shared topic! Thanks again!

    Heya Miss Saga, Thanks for dropping by. Pandaren is mostly the obvious choice of all. I never had a chance to really play the Worgen either. Just so much to catch up on leveling that I never had given the time yet. I still have 1 level 80 DK to finish, 72 Mage so yea! Anyway, Good Luck in playing Pandaren Monk for sure! =)

  17. I hope that's what the female will look like. I love the hairstyle. I just wish they would post the female models already! I haven't decided on what will my panda's class is going to be. Probably a monk because I don't really want to pay for a race change XD

  18. @Mia

    Heya! Thanks for droppy by hon, yes I agree with you blizzard should post how female pandas will look like soon! and I agree with race change they are quiet expensive! but anyway, good luck on your pandaren monk when the expansion goes live! =)

  19. In the upcoming expansion the introduction of the new race of Pandarians and the new class of monk presents the same rush to roll a new toon that Wrath of the Lich King heralded in with Death Knights. So I am more then likely going to wait before running in and rolling a new toon. To many alts at the moment; however, when things calm down a bit I am seriously thinking about rolling a Pandarian Shaman. I have never played that class and would love to experience that from the furry paws of our new bamboo loving Alliance leading friends.

    I will say I am looking forward to the neutral interactions between Horde and Alliance as the race develops up until level 10. It should be interesting to see that split happen.

    Great article and question to pose. Does anyone wonder what the new racial mount will be? Perhaps a food cart or some version of the Panda Express.

  20. @Draccus

    Heya hon, Thanks for dropping by. I agree with you with so much class and new races that for sure everyone running around Azeroth will be the hoards of Pandas every where! haha! your thoughts is similar to what my boyfriend told me too. I don't even know if he is going to roll a pandaren after the expansion goes live he is busy playing Skyrim now a days.

    Anyway Pandaren Shaman is a good choice! I would definitely roll that class after leveling a Pandaren monk or either, that if i have all the time in the world to level 4 alt characters! I am also looking forward to the neutral interactions between Horde and Alliance and well see how that goes.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, and about your question I was wondering about that racial mount too, I was reading MMO-champion about this and read what other players thoughts. My choice would also be a bamboo cart too. Someone even mentioned a "Nimbus cloud" but then it will be too much because they said we already have Team fortress 2, Pokemon and then Dragonball Z in game haha!!!

  21. I gotta go with Monk on this one, even though there are plenty of classes I haven't ever really played in earnest. There are a few races that I associate with certain classes, and the advent of both Pandaren and monks at the same time ties them together for me :)

  22. Definitely a monk for me. I'm just intrigued by the whole thing and want to try something new. I just hope it's less laggy for me than the Worgen starting area was. I know that's my computer's issue but it realy spoiled that for me & Ive not got very far with my worgen as a result. I hope it's different with the Panderan Monk- don't want to have to buy a new computer just for MoP!

  23. I'm definitely looking forward to Mists and being able to role a Monk. It seems to be along the same lines as the Friar in DAoC, which I still miss playing.

    Very nice post Amerence and I love the look of the site!

  24. @redcowrise
    Heya hon, thanks for dropping by. we both pretty much have the same choice! Pandaren Monk ftw! =)

    Heya! Thanks for dropping by. Everyone and most players i know they are pretty much rolling a Pandaren Monk it seems to be the most popular class and race once MoP releases. I haven't played a Worgen yet, but I will eventually when I get bored with my other toons. And regarding your worries about the Panda being too big and might lag your PC, trust me it will just make your PC shakey and bouncy haha! just messing, Anyway, Good Luck to ya!

    Heya hon, Thanks for dropping by. Hmm I haven't heard about Friar in DAoC, but sounds interesting. Great! We will all be Pandaren Monks! wish we could be playing in same server and guild would be so much fun huh? Anyway, Thanks for liking the post and the look of my site, I try to just twink it to still look like a WoW blog. hehe! Good Luck to ya! =)

  25. I just realised my reply wasn't on here... it either got deleted or /gasp just didn't make it :)

    I love the animated gif's amerence! A great read, and it's hard for me to write on this shared topic... if you know my feelings on alts :)

  26. @Navimie

    Hello! Thanks for dropping by. Hmm, about your comment I never deleted anything. if you did comment probably from my previous post not this one. or it didn't make it after you post the CAPTCHA security code. But Anyway, Thanks for liking the animated images they are cute hehe. And it's okay if you have not done the shared topic, totally understandable. =)

  27. I bet I know what happened, I didn't enter the security code correctly!

  28. @Navimie
    Ah! that's why! lolx and that's what I thought too. Anyway, gotta get that security thing right, coz my blog is set to no moderation on comments that means it is published automatically.

  29. I´m so into this game, I can´t stop playing. I was wondering about the classes and which one I was supposed to choose. I´m going to Argentina and I already booked the apartments in Buenos Aires. I hope they will have computers because I don´t know what I will do otherwise!

  30. @Amy
    Heya Amy, Thanks for dropping by. This new patch definitely something to look forward to. Playing a Pandaren would be awesome. Just really need to work our schedule when it comes to playing the game. and Ah Argentina is a great place, Good Luck on your venture! I also hope you can settle things before the expansion so you can play! =) take care hon.


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