Wednesday, November 30, 2011

IntPiPoMo 50 Screen Shot Challenge: Well of Eternity (50/50)

Hi guys, This is my tenth and last post for the IntPiPoMo (International Picture Posting Month) 50 Screen shot Challenge, hosted by Angelya at Revive & Rejuvinate. The objectives of this challenge is to post 50 Images before the month of November is over and that day is today I made it (well, sort of!). Today I will share to you some random screen shots I took from last night's 5 man dungeon runs mostly Well of Eternity pics, I am so happy that I was able to geared up my priest from all the new gears that came out since 4.3 released the other day, So here are some of the images I took. Please take note that the images provided are credits to Blizzard World of Warcraft. Hope you like the screen shots I posted too! <3
Screen shot #1: Well of Eternity, Queen Aszhara Castle
Screen shot #2: Well of Eternity, Mannoroth Defeated
Screen shot #3: Well of Eternity, Burning Legion portal
Screen shot #4: Well of Eternity, Night Elf statue
Screen shot #5: Well of Eternity: My Human Priest to Night Elf Priest


  1. Best looking instance in while, although I'm biased with my love of Nightelf architecture.

  2. I was ecstatic to see Illidan again!

  3. @Erinys and @Loronar
    Thanks guys for dropping by. As Night Elfs I just thought to take that pic because I like the fountain and the water flowing from it. I really didn't thought about the statue after I edit the screen shot. Anyway, It is a great instance all in all. =)

  4. Really good shots to finish off the series!

    Well done =D

    - Jamin

  5. @Jamin
    Thanks hon, finally got the 50 Images challenge done! Now we get ready for Akabeko's Winter Event.

  6. Great screenshots! And that dungeon is so much fun!

  7. @syrco
    Thanks hon, I also went to your site and I love your screen shots too stunning! =)

  8. Awesome shots! Thanks for joining in, your pictures have all been beautiful :)

  9. @Angelya
    Thanks hon, I enjoyed this idea and I am glad I was able to make it before November ended. Looking forward for next year. =) Thanks for a great idea and a successful event! <3


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