Thursday, November 17, 2011

White Ribbon: Please Support TGQ!

[Trigger warning on links for discussion of rape, violent assault, self-harm]

Hi guys, This response is to support Alyzande of TGQ (The Gold Queen blogger). It's been a heated discussion around the community and twitter-sphere about Aly's personal struggle against rape/sexual abuse that for the first time she opened up publicly in her blog about what happened to her lately and due to her absence and unable to post recent updates on her blog. As I was reading her story, I totally understand what she's been through, and it's okay to tell the world what happened, because you need to voice that out or else it will just hunt you down for the rest of your life!

I also like you guys to visit Apple Cider Mage blog and Flavor Text Lore site of what their thoughts on this as they also support the White Ribbon Campaign. To the people who call Alyzande a liar or a scammer, You don't have sympathy, and probably your very insensitive and don't have emotions at all! I feel sorry for you because sexual abuse or any type of violence is a serious issue and nothing to be ashamed of. I would rather speak up about it because a lot of women out there is been struggling to move on with their lives because of that, and that is painful and some even commit suicides because they think that no one supports them. 

So to prevent that things from happening there are a lot of people here that are supporting each other to end the violence like the White Ribbon Campaign - an organization encouraging boys and men to stop violence against women. For Alyzande, God Bless you always and I wish you well and fast recovery. Take care hon. I may not know you personally but I am here to support you! =)


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