Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2011!

Hi guys! The Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2011 is now OPEN, closing of entries is on Nov. 26, 2011 and drawing date is on Nov.28, 2011. I definitely welcome any fellow bloggers out there to join! Blog Azeroth is excited to announce that this year we are celebrating a Thanksgiving event and give away great prizes sponsored by yours truly, I thought of this idea because It would be a great time of the year how thankful and grateful that we are to be part of this community. It is also a way of saying thanks for continued support. So please help us spread the news and join the fun!

How to join?

1.) Please register at Blog Azeroth Forums with a valid email address and introduce yourselves following our Author Introductions format, this is also way of knowing you as a fellow blogger in the community and get involved. Please Follow us in twitter @BlogAzeroth and @amerpriest. Please Do not skip this step, If you don't have a twitter account, You are still welcome to join but please register and introduce yourself in Blog Azeroth, Thank you! .If you already registered, You can skip this step and proceed step 2 and so on.

2.) Copy the code below to place an avatar anywhere in your blog to show that you are one of the participants of this year blog azeroth's thanksgiving event or just simply giving support to the event. this event will start on Nov. 19, closing date is 26th and drawing date is on the 28th after giving enough time for judges to decide who is the winners.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2011"></a>

3.) Basically What you have to do is post a topic/letter/poem/song/story or just a simple Thank you note to a fellow blogger/s meaning how you appreciate their work that maybe somehow helped you grow being a blog writer you are now. Thanking them that maybe you have learned many things from that fellow blogger, someone maybe who motivates you, gives you inspiration or pretty much any way of saying thanks to that writer/blogger. It doesn't matter how many of them you like to Thank for. And you don't need to be tagged by someone to start your own entry, make sure to put originality to your thoughts on how you thank a fellow blogger.

(Take note to please not feel left out if no one thank you or add you in their entries, because We here in Blog Azeroth thank each one of you already for your support in the community and we just really want to have fun and Blog Azeroth is here to help you, and assist you whatever we can, and its not just thanking you guys but we all love you too! So just make the best of what you can do for this event now and win great prizes!) If it's a story and I know it could be long 1 or 2 post for 1 participant is okay and I will make exceptions to that rule! 

4.) Make sure to be as creative as you like and include your screenshot/drawing arts with your post, since we are also celebrating the Pilgrim's Bounty event in game its good time to take some screenshots in game during that week with your characters, it's up to you how you will add flavor to your post.

5.) The purpose of this event is to acknowledge the community bloggers out there to be discovered either your a new author or old, appreciate there work, build traffic because you have to include links of their site in your post. (give them some love linking and have fun.) And also To make Blog Azeroth more recognized in the WoW community that we are here to support each other, to learn and sharing thoughts about blogging and World of Warcraft. Also Please Read the Categories Below on How your work will be judge so you have a chance to win great prizes. So Good Luck Everyone!


1st Prize is Guardian Mount, When you take to the skies astride a blazing, eagle-winged lion, your comrades will know you mean business.  Serious business.  So saddle up, because this flying mount will travel as fast as your riding skill will take you, and it can even travel at 310% speed if you have at least one other 310% speed mount. - Blizzard I hope our 1st prize winner will like this, so please be creative, I am excited what you guys can bring and share to us!

2nd Prize is the Gurky/Lurky Murlock Plush, Blizzcon, the Murky Plush Doll is cute, fun, adorable and the first of his set to be collected. Can you find the rest? Collect them all! - Blizzard This plush toy is so cute, it comes with different colors, Pink, White, or Blue depends on stock. Its a great collectible to have. So hope our 2nd prize winner will like this, I will definitely like to have one myself.

3rd Prize is a Blizzard pet (you can select any) Pets are great companions and if you have any of it from the store and when the Mists of Pandaria comes live they can fight so hopefully our 3rd winner will be delighted to have this. Also if you are one of those players who collects 100pets or more this is a chance to win it. Pandaren Monk is one of my favorites!

Judges, Categories and Drawing date

Thank you to all the judges who will help judge this event! Also Judges please communicate with each other, on the last day of the event I will give you a vent info so we can talk over the winners. Judges are welcome to join for fun if they want to, but to avoid confusion and entry issues I would rather not judges join for this event. The judges then will rate based on criteria/categories; (Scores will be rated as percentage basis.)

The Judges
  1. Angelya - Druid Blogger at Revive & Rejuvinate
  2. Hydra - Writer of Almost Evil Blog, Twisted Nether Blogcaster and Blog Azeroth Administrator
  3. Oestrus - A Priest Blogger of The Stories of O and Host of The Double O Podcast
  4. Filmys -  Asleep at the WoW, Twisted Nether Podcaster, and Blog Azeroth Administrator
  5. Beruheals - Falling Leaves and Wings Blogger and Twisted Nether Blogcast Host 
  6. JadedAlt -JadedAlt Blog, Blog Azeroth Moderator, and writes great boss strategy guides.
  7. Matticus - Writer and Blogger of World of Matticus, Matticast, Plusheal, Blog Azeroth, WoW Insider Raid X column, No Stock UI and many more.
    • Creativity - How you put your skills to the test maybe you have some hidden talent that has not yet been discovered, drawing perhaps? even just a screen shots from the game but that depends on you how creative you are.
    • Originality - Your thoughts what makes this event awesomet! So Is it a poem? A story? or a simple Thank you note! but still gives originality that you didn't copy paste from other sites/books etc.
    • Fun - I know that you think this might not be a best choice category to choose, but Hey, we want this event to be fun, and by doing that we also want to see how your post reflects the audience, Is your post an eye catching one, does your fellow bloggers reading it many times and maybe perhaps there is a humor to your post. whatever it is, this category will be judge as well.

      How the Scoring Works?
      Judges will rate each participants by each categories, after getting all the participants graded percentage they will then divide this to 3 and whichever participant has the highest percentage wins but we will only pick one as the best of all, if there is a tie, Judges and I will talk this over and decide. Example below how to compute the scores, Hope this will help judges; After giving all the participants graded each category I will be the one to tallied the grades and reveal the winners. Judges will only grade each participants by each categories. I will calculate the rest!

      Amerence Post (Judges Grade on each category:)
      Formula: Creativity+Originality+Fun% = Graded Categories/3 = Total Grade percentage just round it up

      Angelya - Creativity -90%, Originality 85%, Fun 95% || 166.25%/3(categories) = 114% total grade
      Filmys - Creativity 80%, Originality 80%, Fun 80% || 128.0%/3 (categories) = 96% total grade
      Hydra - Creativity 90%, Originality 100%, Fun 95% || 180.5%/3 (categories) = 124% total grade
      Beru - Creativity 80%, Originality 82%, Fun 75% || 121.5%/3 (categories) = 95% total grade
      Matticus -Creativity 75%, Originality 90%, Fun 97% ||160.25%/3 (categories) = 109% total grade
      Oestrus - Creativity 90%, Originality 80%, Fun 87% || 147.9%/3 (categories) = 106% total grade
      JadedAlt - Creativity 80%, Originality 75%, Fun 80% || 124%/3 (categories) = 93% total grade

      Calculation of Total Grade added all together and divide it by 7(judges) get the final & overall grade! 114+96+124+95+109+106+93% = 598/7 (judges) = 178% overall score!

      Drawing date
      Closing date of the event is on the 26th and Drawing date will be on Nov.28, 2011 this way judges has time to review and reveal winners to be announce on the 28th. Judges will give me a shout out in twitter or here who are their best choices,after all the scores graded. I will pick 3 winners who are the 3 lucky bloggers who deserves to win. First pick will be the 3rd prize winner, 2nd pick will be the 2nd choice and the last pick will be the 1st prize winner. Since I am hosting this event I cannot join. So hopefully I can get enough participants, Please help spread the news! Thanks guys! Below are the list of participants. Thank you again guys! Hope this event will be a success! =) Also please check out in Blog Azeroth for the announcement of this event! Thanks!

      Special Thanks To the following Promoters 
      & Judges Thank You Post!
      Here are list of people who help us promote the event, Please give them support as well and follow their podcasts and blog site. Thank you promoters! We appreciate the love! =)

      List of Participants
      Here are the list of participants for the event, and the links provided with their entries! Thank you all! without you joining this event won't be possible! Since we reach and over 25 participants I will be giving out a special prize! and your name will be randomly picked including the judges on this draw. I will put all your names in a jar including the judges names and whatever I pick will be the winner! Good Luck everyone! =) TOTAL PARTICIPANTS = 31

      List of the Entries
      Below are list of the entries for this event! Good Luck guys!
      TOTAL ENTRIES = 31


      1. Oh! Sounds like fun! I want to try and participate too! :D

      2. This is a wonderful idea! I would love to participate.

      3. @Navimie @Mia @Tzufit I added you guys already! Thanks for joining! Good Luck to you guys!

      4. To All Participants please don't forget to copy paste the avatar and place it anywhere in your blog. Thanks! =)

      5. GoGo Amerence! Will spread the word :)

        - Jamin

      6. @Elkgarosa
        Thanks hon! Read it and it was wonderful! Great job! it is up to the judges now! =)

      7. Somnar - The Big Blue Paddles
        Won't be able to join us and withdraw from the even, the reason is he doesn't have much time to do so due of work hours this holidays, that he thought he was able to. his apologies is sincere, and I toally understand it. Sorry to see you unable to participate Somnar, but we would love to have you on the other events to make up! Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

      8. This thanksgiving event is really interesting too bad that I don’t have blog probably next year. I do really adore your blog, content and how your community participates for every post you had. I do search for blog for gold guide since I admitted that I’m lazy farmer and most of the time I just buy wow gold from this site if I feel I need to. BTW, I will watch out who will be the winner for this year thanksgiving contest! Goodluck to all contestants!

      9. It's official, I'm in on this! : D

      10. @Pockketsays
        Heya hon, Thanks for dropping by, I am hoping you get your blog started soon! We have more events coming soon! Blog Azeroth is a great community to join to discover new or old bloggers out there. We are here to help you if you have questions to ask. WoW Blogging community is so wonderful and I am sure you won't regret joining and creating a blog. Anyway, Good Luck though! and Happy Thanksgiving to you! =)

        YAY! Finally you decided! Glad you joined us! Great to have you Saz! <3

      11. Done! Felt lovely to take the time to publicly thank those who genuinely do so much for others. Eeeeeeeee, big squees of love for all the BA and blogging community! ♥

      12. @Riorel
        Thank you hon, Glad you decided to join us! As always your entry and images are great! Please don't forget to put an avatar somewhere in your blog that links back to this post! I appreciate it. Have a great Thanksgiving and Good Luck with your entry! =)

      13. Late to the game as always, but I've got a post up (just playing, not competing) and I've updated my list-- great posts all! :D

      14. @Martha
        It's okay I will still add you to the entry list! Thank you for joining and I really appreciate it! Glad to have you and share your thoughts about this. Have fun hon! <3

      15. Participants = 31 (Original number of participants was 35 but we are missing 4 Authors who did not submit there entries on time, Apple, Jamin, Altolycos, Nymphy)
        Those who missed to submit there entries will not be able to join the raffle instead they will just be posted in the Promoters section as Avatar Promotions, Thanks guys!)

        Published Entries = 31 Great job everyone! Judges will surely be getting ready to calculate all the grading of your work. I will be expecting the results on the 28th so I can announce the winners then. Thanks so much for participating! Good Luck!


      16. Darnit, I was on holiday/vacation and missed this event. Reading some of the 'thanks' posts was very uplifting though--so much love in this community!

      17. @Lument
        Heya hon, Sorry that you missed the event! Don't worry there will be next year again for sure! and also there will be more events coming especially for christmas soon! just visit blog azeroth forums for more announcements. Take care! and thanks for dropping by. =)

      18. Hi Amerence,

        Could I bug you to change the url for my entry (Cymre - A Day to Give Thanks) above to: (my new blog)? I just don't want people directed to the old site. And just in case people want to add a comment :)

        Thanks in advance

      19. @Cymre
        Updated! thanks for letting me know. =)


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