Monday, October 31, 2011

Highlights of my Hallow End's Event

Happy Trick or Treating guys, Today is the last day of the Hallow's End event in World of Warcraft. Hope you enjoyed doing all the achievements and killing the Horseman in Scarlet Monastery and farm to possibly get the Horseman's Mount. Getting all my Hallow's End achievements was fun and got my title Hallowed Be Thy Name. So I have some screen shots here to share for your entertainment. 

I took this screenshot with my Sinister squashing pet, just thought to share it to you how creepy that snake was, it is a costume that is part of the event once you go in to trick or treating in any Inn Keepers. this was one of the costumes casted on you. This snake can crawl fast, but the costume doesn't stay long and I think it only last for about 15 secs. Anyway, I had fun with it while I was doing the Northrend Trick or Treating Achievement

This one is a cute but scary little alien costume. when I was in Storm peaks to trick and treating, My Sinister squashing pet seems tired and decided to just sit. I love these different costumes casted on you while you do this achievements but most of them you can't do it while casting your mount to go any place. I hope Blizzard can do that fly around azeroth with this costume will be epic! what do you think?

A Mask for All Occasion achievement was easy enough to do, when you get about 40pcs of Trick and Treat candies, a prize given by any dailiy quests of the event, You can purchase the masks from the Kid vendor in Stormwind. At least that was done, I didn't use all the mask instead i just sell them back because my bag is getting full lol, Anyway, If you haven't done this today just do all the dailies and Trick or Treat all the Inns in Azeroth you can get Handful of goodies to buy whatever you need for the acheivement.

Trick or Treats of Northrend achievement was easy to do, with your mount flying around Northrend made it so much easier. From Borean Tundra to Grizzly, Storm Peaks and Howling Fjord you can get lots of candies for you to enjoy. One of the things that I keep getting was Sinister Squashing I think I had like 8 of them after getting my achievement done, so I just deleted them because it cannot be vendor in AH or by any vendors, would be awesome if it did.
Lastly, I was leveling a druid and she is now level 5, thought I could get one of these trick or treat baskets and did get an achievement. I had fun despite the short time doing all of it before the event ends. I had run the horseman dungeon with my brother to farm the ring but I only gotten the Caster ring, was hoping to get the spirit one but it's okay, maybe I will be lucky next time. WoW events such as this are always fun, you just have to dedicate your time to do it. Guides are always available in WoWwiki, Wowhead and other blogs out there. 

Just a quick advise too in real world, if you have kids that will trick or treat outside or in the malls tonight please don't leave your kids unattended! Go with them and Enjoy yourselves too but don't forget your responsibility to make sure they are safe and secured. I know your kids will look lovely, adorable and awesome with their costumes on even for the parents and regular adults out there that will have some party tonight just drink responsibly and enjoy your Halloween parties. I hope you also enjoyed reading the Highlights of my Hallow's End event today! Happy Halloween guys and Enjoy Trick or Treating Everyone!


  1. I love reading everyone's Hallow's End highlights and experience. Thanks for sharing Amerence! So did you get a Horseman's reins?

  2. @Navimie

    I wish I had, But no luck this year for the reins! But I am glad I finished all the achievements at least! Do you have the Horseman's reins?


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