Monday, October 24, 2011

Shared Topic: What are your guild's tradition?

Hi guys! This week's Shared Topic over at Blog Azeroth was suggested by Tzufit at Tree Heals go Woosh. I know it's been a month since I last participated and technically yesterday is the last day of this week's shared topic. I like to catch up and share my guild's tradition from my own guild 4yrs ago. I was the Guild Master of Death Threat in Khaz Modan server then, The guild was a fun and a casual raiding environment.

Traditionally every week we make events and just go around Azeroth to do fun stuff, from running around Ironforge naked riding our mounts, going to horde city and raid, dieing, and just have fun. we also held officers and members meeting for everyone to get involved. This all happened during Burning Crusade we also love to run Battle grounds in Alterac Valley, Warsong and much more. As a guild master I always like to take screen shots when we have meetings so I let them have there Guild Tabard put on and just wear it by itself. I am thankful that I still have one of the old pictures we took in Ironforge after a Guild Meeting.

Also, I have a video here that I uploaded in WeGame 4yrs ago, that I personally recorded for everyone to remember, It was just a fun night, that everyone get together and laughing our ass off, This event was held in Nagrand, Outlands. I wish I can turn back time and just do it again. I was just amazed How fun my guild was before. Now after changing from server to server I miss my own guild Death Threat because I love how dedicated my members was and that they join any guild tradition we have going on It was so nice to play with friends around and just do a lot of different events every week. Sometimes I wish all my guild mates then was still playing, some of them they still do but they remain in Khaz Modan, we still communicate through Real Id though which is still great. 

My Guild here in Staghelm now is fun too. But everyone now a days is more focused of the end game content in raiding progression and sometimes forget what really means to be in a guild. But Anyway, Hope my experience is related to the topic, it just brings back memories of old friends, old server and old guild. But what makes it a tradition for my guild back then was having FUN. If you haven't partipated on This week's Shared topic over at Blog Azeroth you can still post and catch up. Thanks for reading my blog post, Have a great Day everyone! =)


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