Saturday, October 22, 2011

I am Back and Excited!

Hi guys! I missed you all! I know I took a break from blogging and gaming for a month but that will change now, starting Tue October 25, 2011 I will be playing World of Warcraft again and catch up on what to blog about especially What's new in the community. Besides me getting excited about the new upcoming expansion the Mist of the Pandaren, I am also excited of the new class that we predicted to be, The Monk.

Gosh! so much to catch up on things I like to talk about, that includes; my guild, my priest, the WoW community and also the Annual Pass, Did you sign up the contract? What are your opinions about it? Anyway, Just thought to let you know that I am back and I am actually excited to play WoW again, also I thank you to Blog Azeroth, Ophelie, and everyone in BA family for giving me an opportunity to be one of the moderators of Blog Azeroth WoW Forums I will try my best to assist whatever that is needed to do to help the community. Love You guys! <3


  1. First off, Glad to have you back. I know me personally I have already signed up for the year. No brainer for me, I'm still enjoying the game and will more than likely be playing in a year anyways. The mount and the free Diablo 3 just kind of sealed it for me.

  2. I signed up for tge Annual Pass this morning, it is a very shrewd move by blizzard in my opinion and actually pretty good value.
    I posted my thoughts on the EU forums

  3. @Bulidar and @Zandathor

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Yes I did signed up for the Annual Pass too, What catch my eye is the Diablo 3 which I am also excited to check it out, also your right Bulidar the deal was really good, Total Package as we say, but I know some players don't like it because it will come out more expensive that instead of only paying Diablo 3 for $59.95 it becomes $159.99 but with the free mount and to continue playing World of Warcraft for a year, but still in my opinion like Zandathor said, it is still a pretty good value. =)

  4. Welcome back!

    I haven't signed up for a year, still undecided on that one. =)

  5. @arcanewordsmith

    Thanks hon, yea well if you plan of still playing WoW in the next 12months the deal is fine, but if you think you might not able to play more than 3-6months then the Annual Pass is not a deal for you. But really it's up to the player's decision how long they are going to play World of Warcraft. For I was curious of Diablo 3 when it comes out thats why I took advantage of the deal. But Anyway, Good Luck in whatever you decide! =)


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