Monday, October 24, 2011

Shared Topic: Mists of Pandaria Reactions

Hi guys, this week's Shared Topic Idea over at Blog Azeroth is brought to you by Akabeko from Redcowrise blog. Everyone is talking about the new upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria, it is a new continent that Azeroth yet to be revealed, the expansion's release prediction might be sometime in 2012 summer/winter. When I first saw the official video of the expansion I got excited because of the new race pandaren and new class monk, besides that a new leveling area to reach level cap 90 is a new adventure to explore.

First reaction of course I curious and excited, who won't forget the movie Kung Fu Panda? I know that the new expansion was not based from that movie, because Pandaren already exist in Warcraft 3 around 2003 check site here. But Anyway, Panda are one of my favorite animals in the world, they are literally meaning "black and white cat-foot". I wasn't surprise that Blizzard will eventually made this as a new race to perfectly match with the Monk class, Pandaren can also be played with different existing class as a priest, hunter, mage, warrior, rogue, shaman and lastly a monk. I am excited to role a Monk Pandaren in the new upcoming expansion, I am also curious what emoticons this new race is in store for us.

Monk is the new upcoming class for Mist of Pandaria expansion, I shared my thoughts about it over at Blog Azeroth as one of the talk about Shared Topics months ago. I am happy that not only Pandaren race can play as a monk, it can also be any of the available races for Horde and Alliance side. Racial abilities that Monk has are interesting. Spinning Crane Kick (You spin while kicking in the air, dealing Physical damage every 1 sec, to all nearby enemies within 8yards. Movement speed is reduced by 30%. Last 6sec.) Roll (cost 50 chii roll a short distance). Statue of the Jade Serpent (Summon a statue at the target location. and It will heal a target within 20yards of the statue. and a 5 seconds cast). Check this video of the moves Pandaren can do. Some player's reaction to the new class said to be ridiculous especially the talent skills and its name, read some commentaries here. But for me, I don't care what other players is saying, I am here to have fun and if Pandaren and some Monk moves will do the work I am happy with that.

The new continent, what can I say I am impress of the native to central-western and south western Chinese inspired theme. As it fits to the new class and race for the pandas to grow, very colorful it has full of mysteries, history, and superstition. I loved it! I can't wait to explore the new continent, Anyway, check out some of the screen hots found in the Mist of Pandaria World of warcraft site. The creators are awesome!

PvP Scenarios I am not very excited about because I don't PvP much but it will be one thing to explore when the expansion comes of course. I am more interested and curious about the Pet Battle System, as everyone was saying it's like the game of Pokemon. From being non-combat pets, that we only fed and make them shiny now they can use there pet abilities to the battle ground. I am looking forward for it, I have 85 pets but don't know how many of them can do a great damage. Can these pets fight anywhere in Around Azeroth or there is only a place that they can fight? Anyway, I think our non-combat pets been with us for a long time as a companion now it's time for them to protect us and challenge other pets to have fun and earn their title as a Pet Battle Masters.

As far as other features coming up for the new expansion I am looking forward of the new dungeons, as well as leveling our other characters to capped 90, also we had past experience on our challenge to theory craft our talent builds, I think we can handle the new talent system coming up as well, they are lots of great class bloggers out there that gives us great informative and useful information from skills, gears and much more, so I suggest every player to be resourceful with this. I know that it will raise a lot of questions, technical difficulties before and after the expansion, so I suggest players to be patient and more understanding that Blizzard is trying there best to entertain us to play the game safely, and give us good satisfaction. Speaking of that those who signed up for Annual Pass is also great to start a great attitude that you will be playing World of Warcraft for another year. Check out more information here how to sign up and what free gifts you can get. 

Anyway, that's it guys, I apologized that I am not very creative to analyze all my reactions to the upcoming expansion though I tried at least I said what I have to say. I am looking forward to it, and I am very excited if that is the reaction you want to hear of course I am. Also I am looking forward to try out the Diablo 3. If you want to join and share your thoughts about your reactions of the new upcoming Mists of Pandaria please go over at Blog Azeroth Shared topic Forum, this week's idea is brought to you by Akabeko from Redcowrise. Thanks for reading guys and Have a great day!


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