Friday, October 28, 2011

My Guild Made the Panda Sad

A month being away from my keyboard and raiding in game it seems like it's been a year since I last logged in. I talked to my guild master about our recent guild progression and She said that everything was great and our guild actually finished the normal mode of Firelands on farm mostly every week. I am happy to know that everything was fine. They are pretty much geared to the tooth and ready to kill some heroic mode bosses. 

Until just recently we lost a couple of members again, not just a social or regular member but one of the core raiders of the guild. Coming back was exciting yes, but hearing these news I sank and got disappointed because not only does the guild think they can't push heroic mode with lack of core raiders especially missing a tank, it is hard to find a replacement. I totally understand that especially now a days even 10 man raiding guild is hard to manage because if only two or more players missing in raids, we won't be able to progress at all.

After talking to my co officers, two damage casters took off and left with loots after clearing the content, for me that shows there was no commitment in the guild and just very self-centered players that only wants to gear themselves up and leave. I know this is just a game and players leave or stay and we can't stop them but just to show respect to those who helped you geared up and clear the content at least have the decency to say thank you and give a valid reason why you are leaving the guild. Also a tank will be leaving soon as well because he doesn't want to play the new upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria. (that does make the panda sad). 

One of our officers is also leaving for Air force training soon in November. We can't stop them from quitting or taking a break from the game because I've been there. But I just hope that we can explore the new continent, new class to level up, and much more to do with the original members of the guild to play together with the new upcoming expansion. It makes me sad because the guild will lose interest of moving forward again because of the players who left, I just hope not. But now that I am back hopefully I can get some players from my old server to come and help out and move on to heroic mode. I know that I am so behind on gearing up my priest but I am trying to get in raids and hopefully I will get a spot to raid with them again next week.

Wish us luck for upcoming guild progressions, all I ask from my guild mates, co officers and guild master to not give up especially that a new upcoming expansion is coming up. I am sure it will be more fun to play World of Warcraft again. So please if you are interested to join us or help out our roster we only raid twice a week every Tue and Wed 7-10pm central/5-9pm pacific. We are in need of a Tank, Dps (Druid, Ret Pally) or please visit for more information or just drop in an application anytime. 

Also, How is your guild doing now a days? Are they excited to play the new upcoming expansion? Or they are just quitting soon? Hope to hear your side of the story about guild, the progression and your members reactions on the new upcoming expansion. Thanks guys and Have a Good Day!


  1. Aww Amerence, that's a bummer, I know it's hard when guildies leave and raiding takes a slump - most guilds do. And we always find as patch/xpac approaches, we have even lousier turnouts.

    Most of my friends are excited about the expansion. My guild core as far as I know are not planning to quit any time soon (though I know a few guildies who may decide not to play soon). But we'll see! Good luck with the recruitment!

  2. @Navimie
    Hi hon, Thanks for dropping by.. I know right? It's sad I just hope we still can find a replacement and as far as recruiting hopefully there will be players still interested to join.

    I am glad your guild is doing fine. But yes some players still undecided at this point because the expansion is still months away. But like you said Well see, Good Luck to you too! =)

  3. Aww that sucks. My guild downed 25m Ragnaros a few weeks ago. I keep passing out before the raid even starts, so I haven't seen Rag down a 2nd time. Also, My guild hasn't had people leave yet, but I know a few guildies would have said they would quit before playing in the MoP expansion. I hope people don't leave. We're the largest guild on the server, and it's hard enough. Good luck recruiting!

  4. @Mia

    Heya hon, Thanks for dropping by. Congrats on downing 25man Ragnaros But I am sure you like to get that achievement soon too, but Im glad your guild understand your absence due to real life stuff and hopefully they will not leave your guild anytime soon and play on to welcome the new expansion. Good Luck to you too! and Take care! =)

  5. Ah, I hear your guild troubles. Seems to be a regular occurrence at the moment. Though, looking from a different perspective, the next expansion should bring along a bolster of players returning/new/current to recruit.

    I myself am looking for a raiding guild. However, EU side here!

    - Jamin

  6. @Jamin

    Heya hon, Thanks for dropping by. You are right it's very common that guild issues such as this happens most of the time, especially that the there is a new expansion coming up. (Also, to those who don't like pandas I heard they will just quit the game... oh well).

    But Anyway, Your are right. Hope you will find a raiding guild! Good Luck To you! Yea wish your in US because we are recruiting for a tank, dps or healer.


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