Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shared Topic: The Consequences of Death in an MMO

Hi guys, This week Blog Azeroth Shared Topic is brought to you by Sharden over at 15 Minutes of WoW Blog. Sharden asks: "How do you think dying in an MMO should affect the characters? In WoW we have a relatively insignificant repair cost from durability for a PVE death and no consequence for dying to another player. Do you think this is enough, too much, or needing improvement? Tie-ins to related MMO's or multiplayer games and what sort of repricussion there is for failure there can be a good way to explain your thoughts."

Skull is symbol of Death

First of, This is a really interesting topic we got here. Relating to Death or Dying in MMO in my opinion should not affect my characters in game. Based on my statistics I died numerous of times It's not that I am proud of it but I accepted the consequences made in game, and it never worries me. Total of deaths 7,322 that is including Resurrection from other Priests, Druids, Paladin, Soul stones, Spirit healers, Shaman, and even raised as a ghoul. Only 1 death from drowning, 39 from falling, no fatigue, no death from fire or lava or hogger. and I think that is one thing I keep playing the game, because if a death in MMO is too serious I don't think players will continue to play the game, Simple.

In Real life, Death is part of life. Once your pulse stops beating, your done. Unless a super doctor can do something about that would be a miracle or it isn't your time yet, rarely happened though and some religions differ too, they even believe in Reincarnation

In game, I don't mind spending gold to repair my gear, losing 10% durability of gear damage after each death or if you use the spirit healer losing 25% durability loss is fine by me because that is already part of the game. 15minutes of wait to recover from everything and I think it's a fair system.

Though, I was playing Ragnarok Online long time ago. The death system there is different you do lost level experience when you die and it sucks! because you work so hard and quest to get that experience and die from some random mobs that are aggressive even your yards away and when you want to recover from the durability loss too you need to pay "zeny" for it, and if your gears are totally 80% damage you can't use any weapon to damage any mob. yea but don't give me wrong, I still played it for 2yrs and made 10 characters with that game. 

I guess different MMO has different death system after all. In WoW, I think there is no improvements need to be made. And besides We have been playing this game for quiet sometime now, Developers of the game should have done something different from the beginning if the Death system in game is unsatisfactory for players around the World.

And I agree with Aliera over at Violet Scribe as pretty much her thoughts is similar to mine. And I think that what makes the game interesting too, death or alive as long as your character is fine we can move on, explore the content, level another character etc. I was actually content that the Death system in WoW in PvE category don't lose you level experience because if it does that would really sucks and I think I would quit the game and won't last playing it for 4yrs+ now. So, Overall the cost of the death system, the durability status in WoW. Am I satisfied? Of course. 

In PvP category, All I know is that death from player will not cost you anything. But I guess that all changes now I think and it also differs if its by Arena or Battlegrounds, honestly I don't know much about the death system in PvP so I can't really say anything about it. But I will read some topics to get you a solid response and thoughts about the PvP death system. For now, that is all I can say. Thanks for reading guys and Have a good one!


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