Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 1: Saz's Through Your Interface - 15 days of Screen Shots Challenge

Hi guys, Guess what? There is another challenge going around the community, and its the Through Your Interface - 15 days of Screen Shots Challenge by Saz at World of Saz blog. It was a brilliant idea as she was inspired of the 20 days of Meme by Saga. For more details check out her blog and Join us! It's going to be full of magic, great scenery, remembering a great story behind all the screen shots from World of Warcraft.

The First Challenge is Favorite hangout
Find yourself perching in a particular tree as a druid? Have a certain hovel you like to hang out in on your undead rogue? Show us where it is, and why your character hangs out there. - Saz

Mage Quarter Inn, is where I mostly spend my time while I am in Stormwind, the costumer service of the Inn is very accommodating, they make sure you get 100% satisfaction especially there food, beer and of course the bedrooms. This is why I chose this place the best to hang out to.

Another place soothing and just over looking the city of Stormwind, I tend to have this habit that I just fly around and end up in one of the top of the mountains of Northshire or in top of Stormwind Roof. I don't know why, but lately this is where my priest mostly spend her morning, and afternoon Afk's.

Anyway, I am looking forward to take screen shots and post up tommorrow. How about you? If you want to join this challenge please check out World of Saz Through Your Interface - 15 days of Screenshot Challenge for Instructions. Have a good day guys!


  1. I always have loved the inns in Stormwind. If only you could actually open up the doors to go into the rooms!

    Your /afk vantage point is also quite nice. Looks like it gives you quite the over view of Stormwind.

  2. @Saz

    Heya Saz, thanks for dropping by. Yea Stormwind is the nicest city around. It may get crowded sometimes but there are still places that is nice to go AFK or hang out to. =)

  3. Hi guys, thought to let you know that if you Click the Image, You can see it better. =D


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